Chance me: Oxy 2019 Transfer Applicant

So I’m currently a freshman at CSUF and I’m applying to Oxy as one of my transfer colleges. I was waitlisted the first time I applied but ultimately rejected.
Female, East Asian
High School GPA: W: 3.95 UW: 3.5 (sophomore year grades were the worst, but they got better from there)
AP Tests: Took 8 AP tests and passed 6/8
SAT: 1350
ACT: 31 Composite, 32 Super score
College GPA: 3.85, Received all A’s
Intended Major: Urban and Environmental Policy
EFC: $20,000 per year
Extracurriculars: All-State orchestra for two years, All National orchestra for one year, about 300 hours of volunteering in HS, tutor for a middle schooler (paid)

Also, if known, about how many transfer students are accepted per year? Oxy is my top choice for transferring because I believe it is the best fit for me academically and I love the atmosphere of a liberal arts college. I’m really praying they accept me because I’m desperate to transfer as I am currently commuting.

I’m a current junior at Oxy. I think your stats are definitely good enough to get in (I actually had the same sat and gpa that you do and didn’t have as many aps) and your extracurriculars seem very strong. The one thing I’ve noticed about students that are excepted and come to Oxy is the type of personality they have. Some students here didn’t have the greatest sat score or GPA but showed that they were really passionate about something and wrote compelling essays. Oxy also seems to look for students that exemplify good collaboration skills, an interest in social justice (even in fields where it may not be as obvious), and general well-roundedness. Don’t know if you’ve already applied but that would maybe be what I would focus on showing in your essays and interview.

Hi @collegenashdog I also applied! I might be totally off I think they accepted around 150 last year with 50 enrolling.

That’s a lot more than I originally thought! Makes me a little more hopeful. @laracroft12