Chance Me Pace 2023

Hi! I applied (EA 2) for the NYC campus for Fall 2019 as a Criminal Justice major.
I am worried my low GPA will bring me down for scholarship money, which I really need if I am going to be able to attend Pace.
I have a 3.4 GPA Weighted, I’ve taken 12 honors and one AP, the rest are mostly CP classes.
I have a 30 on the ACT
I am in NAHS, I volunteer, I have won awards and have been published for my writing (on a website) and photography in a magazine once. I do multiple clubs and I held a leadership position in one of them.
Thanks <3

What’s your unweighted gpa? You just have to apply and see what happen. Also should apply John jay if that is more affordable.

My school doesn’t report unweighted unfortunately.

I got in! I ended up getting their presidential scholarship and another scholarship for a total of $26,000.