Chance me (Pakistani Student) for Stanford

SAT 1450 first attempt will try again in August 2020
GCSEs 5A* 3A with As in Islamiat, Urdu and English.
A level with AS, Bio Maths Physics, Chem. 4As
Class topper
Will be giving 3 SAT II in October

YYGS Ambassador
SSI summer program
President and Co-Founder of Literary and Arts Society
3X Silver Medalist National HRCA Science Quiz
Few local and school level medals in table tennis and football
5 MUNs with BDs and HMs
15 Parliamentary debates with mostly positions
Won an Urdu Drama performance as a lead role
Published poetries in local and national newspapers
Conducting my own research on African Congo parrot’s intellect and cognitive abilities
few times part of Student Council
Part of CCC cohort of EdUSA
Volunteer at BDSWO NGO
organized a few fundraisers like for Shifa Eye Camp
internship at Mariam Hospital
marketing intern at a local company
working with international students to publish a scientific journal in 3 months
working on a magazine as the Editor of Arts
worked with some students of FAST to start a blogging platform with more than 5000 followers in Instagram and was a senior editor and recruiter
working on a photography page with about 2000 followers on Instagram sounds less but still an effort.
Won some local essay writing competitions

I would be applying for financial aid and Stanford is top of the list as I will be applying REA but other unis are Georgia Tech, Columbia, Yale, and other safeties.
Please rate me from 1-6 like Stanford does on academia and ECs.

Your EC’s don’t show a clear passion since there are so many of them and it seems to be a laundry list of varied activities. Stanford wants to see a clear theme.

What’s your major? No idea, given your list.

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@“aunt bea”
I guess you are right by the looks of the list but my passions include poetry and biology. I would be pursuing Biomedical Engineering and my essays and recommendations will show this. As for ECS and stats, I wanted to know if they would be competitive enough to be considered in the run for a typical Stanford student.

I would say to highlight your involvement in any and all literary activities you have spearheaded and/or contributed to.

Your list does not group by theme your interests, but a passion for the literary reveals itself across the spectrum of ECs you have shared here.

Do not downplay this area of interest, where you seem to work across genres and platforms, and within which you express a stated focus, poetry.

Your interest and activity in the written arts will provide a wonderful balance to the Biomedical Engineering profile you will emphasize in your essays.

Get that SAT score up and I think you will do well. Good luck to you.

Will you also be applying to Yale?

@Waiting2exhale Thank you for your advice. Also, yes I will be applying to Yale.

@hbsomeone : You may have an insider’s track at Yale if they state an added measure of consideration to their YYGS Scholars and Ambassadors.

The Stanford and Yale campuses and environments are entirely different, starting with climate, architecture, and respective locations on opposite coasts.

Yale does a terrific job at engaging and highlighting its students. Within the admissions portion of the website are links to articles informing applicants of Yale’s philosophy on the craft of writing the college essay, and its expectation of a student’s investment of time, self-discovery and revelation as one presents oneself to the university for admission consideration. (You may not need to consult these at all, as you were a YYGS Ambassador - clearly you have that something which has already helped you to present yourself well.)

Let us know!

@hbsomeone they want a large spike not a round ball so pick one passion from this evidently impressive list and show you’re good at one thing !

@hbsomeone they want a large spike not a round ball so pick one passion from this evidently impressive list and show you’re good at one thing !”

This has not been my observation or experience with Stanford. They want the student who can show how invested they have been at exploring and learning, strong grades, and standing in one’s home/school community.

The student who has done the work of developing - sometimes by the straight and linear route, sometimes by hyperlinking themselves into an omni-version of a multifaceted young adult - will always do well in presentation.

If you’ve got what Stanford wants, believe me, letting them see what it is you both possess and are possessed of (and by), can only work in your favor.

@hbsomeone I think you’ll do great as a literature student,consider that as your major too

@hbsomeone tell us whether you get accepted,I’m rooting for you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I hope I do.

@GoBears2023 can you please chance my profile above and should I apply REA to Stanford for 2025 class?


As others have said, i dont know what your theme overall. It’s kinda all over the place. Stanford looks for people who have spikes in paritcular areas (IMO winners, Intel ISEF Grand prize winners, people who’ve published multiple books, etc.). If i were to rate 1-5 on your likelihood of getting in where 1 is least likely, 5 being 100%, I’d give a 1. 1 is what most people have when applying to the t20s. It’s not that you don’t have a chance, but I don’t see anything super special that would make you more likely to get in compared to another average applicant.

Thank you for your reply though at first it was hard to absorb it but I definetly understand what you meant. Thanks for this critique and yes this was just my ECs list that has changed its shape completely over the 6 months.

You are an international student with financial need asking about admissions to the most selective universities in the US. Stanford with sub optimal test scores. Take is need blind for international students but Stanford is not. Unless your Specialty interest Is something considered so compelling to be a hook, your chances are very low. Lottery ticket.

If you really want to go to college in this country, and need money to do so, I suggest looking for schools that are seeking diversity and high test scores, and have merit money and/or institutional funds for financial aid. Absolutely, throw Stanford, Yaleband any other wish list schools on your list, but be aware your realistic choices are going to be schools with names that do not roll off your tongue so easily and that you need to do a lot of research to find. That is the crux of college search when you want money from a school.