Chance Me Penn ED

Asian Male
Intended Major: something related to the biological sciences
GPA: top 1% of competitive public school in north NJ
SAT: 1550 (790M 760RW)
SAT II: Math 2 800, Bio 800

FBLA 1st in objective test event at regionals and state
Some Science olympiad state 1st and 2nd place medals
USABO 2x Semifinalist

Waksman Student Scholars (president, 12) ← 12 indicates senior year
Independent Artist (3k+ monthly listeners on spotify, 2k+ subscribers on youtube, verified on both platforms)
Varsity Tennis (captain expected, 12)
Local Rescue Squad
Internship at local university researching plants (no published papers but I presented a poster in front of some professors)
Science Olympiad (minor exec board position)
Science Bowl (minor exec board position)
Some other community service stuff that I won’t disclose

My big question is do my ECs seem cohesive? Are they one dimensional? Do they seem all over the place?

Hey! Profile is looking good overall, but if I were to say one way or the other I would def not say you are one-dimensional but rather a bit all over the place (not badly though, you have some clear interests). My two pieces of advice would be to 1. depict more clearly what you are most passionate about through your essays (it doesn’t have to be one of the fancier things, should just be what you really love) and 2. highlight your personality and what makes you unique through your essays. Good luck!.