Chance Me? (Penn State, BC, UMass Amherst, etc)

Hey everyone, I plan on applying into the business school for finance at UMass Amherst, Penn State, UConn, Michigan State and Syracuse (All EA) and into CAS for Econ at BC and Villanova.

On a side note, for BC, I have legacy and have a triple eagle writing a letter of rec for me, he also got me an interview with a dean he had as a professor.

My SAT and ACT scores are a 1430 and a 31, but I am taking the SAT’s again and hope to get a 1500. My GPA is a 3.6 at a competitive school in MA (No Rank).

Junior Year AP Tests: Stats (4) Lang (4) Macro (5)… Did not take Physics AP Test

Senior Year AP Tests: Lit, Calc AB, Gov, ES, Micro

For extracurriculars…

DECA: a business club, I have been in a leadership position for 2 years, went to the international finals twice, and am competing in a stock market sim this year. I have helped run several big fundraisers.

Best Buddies, club helping special needs kids, three years, treasurer 12

I founded a tutoring club and have done it all for years.

I am very involved in my church’s youth ministry and have done community service with them.

I work as an intern for an investment banker who writes an investment newsletter and am also an umpire/grounds crew manager at my local baseball fields.

letters of rec are from my guidance counselor, physics teacher, and econ teacher, know all of them personally pretty well.

Also I will be applying for Financial Aid

You will most likely not be getting any at Penn State. Does that make it unaffordable for your family?

@bodangles No, my family is well off. I do have a younger brother and sister however and an uncle with a disability that is semi dependent on my family. Aside from finances, what are my admission chances?

Depends on whether that GPA is weighted or unweighted. Either way you might consider applying DUS instead of Smeal – Smeal is super, super competitive, and life in DUS is the exact same as life in Smeal for the first two years.

Weighted I have a 4.1 @bodangles are you familiar w any other of my schools?

All are low matches except for BC and Villanova with are straight matches.
The issue will be affordability.
Commonwealth Honors at UMass is likely and thus some scholarship.
Honors and good scholarships likely at MSU.
Schreyer is too competitive to tell so look a PSU as if you had zero financial aid/merit aid - it’s possible you might get the Schreyer scholarship but don’t count on it as Schreyer is super competitive (it’s probably harder to get into Schreyer than BC or Villanova, even if getting into PSU itself is much easier than getting into either one of them.)

@MYOS1634 Affordability is not necessarily an issue, but I will still apply due to younger siblings and a semi dependent uncle. Thank you so much!