Chance me: Phillips Exeter (updated)

I’m applying to Exeter for 9th grade and I would like for someone to chance me. (I’m also applying to some other schools and safety schools)


• SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: Wasn’t able to take it

• GPA Unweighted/Weighted: 3.4/3.5

• Rank: idk but probably top 50

• Other stats: 11 A’s 4 B’s


• Interviews: I think Exeter went well it was my first interview but I thought it was very good.

• Essays: I thought my essays were very good, I talked about culture and where I come from/ a time I failed in something and how I made success out of that failure.

• Math Rec: blind but I got a really good grade in math so I think it was good

• English Rec: blind, new English teacher that year, don’t know how they feel about me, but hopefully good

• Personal/Extracurricular Rec: blind, but I think. it was good

• Principal/Counselor Rec: blind but I don’t really know my counselor so it basically had to be good.

• Sports (if any): Swimming 7+ years

• Instruments (if any): Cello 4+ years

• Other ECs/awards (if any):

Class president 6th grade,

Tenor lead in choir,

elected member of the student board,

the highest grade in music award,

best conduct award,

won state kids literature quiz,

awarded overall dedicated youth,

awarded future leader award, community service club president,

started 2 community service projects and played a vital role in 1,

school literature competition team

• Hook: EC’s/ awards ( I hope)


• State or Country: Nigeria

• Current School Type: Private

• Ethnicity: African

• Gender: Male

• Grade Applying For: 9th

• Age: 14

• Financial Aid/Full Pay: not applying for FA

Strengths: community service and leadership projects/ extracurriculars and awards

Weaknesses: honestly idk but might be gpa

I’m also on the school swim team if that makes any difference.

I’m just an applicant, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

From what I see, you’re an intl. student seeking financial aid. After reading many threads on CC, most FA is given to domestic students. This makes intl. students seeking FA VERY competitive.

On another note, your ecs are better than many applicants.

Not having an SSAT/ISEE score will probably hurt your application. Same goes for the GPA since you need FA

While this is usually true, They are a URM and come from an underrepresented country. Plus, SSAT is not available for intl students.

Oh right. I briefly read so I didn’t pay too much attention to everything. My bad

It’s much easier to understand the applicant from their first chance me thread. A 3.5 gpa is good for OP! I actually believe he has a better chance than some other intl. FA applicants based on it.

In general, the URM benefit only applies to US citizens and permanent residents.

Where applied to internationals, it is more than negatively offset by being international.

I personally think the geographic diversity hook is overrated/overstated.


Is this because it’s more common to be a URM internationally?

No. It’s because many schools cap the international percentage


Thanks for clearing that up!

I believe you state you are not applying for aid and I don’t the SSAT was offered online internationally this year. In that case I believe you are competitive at many school and look like an interesting candidate. Your GPA may be a little low for Exeter but the scale may be different too. Good luck.

They said it was on a 3.5 scale which leads me to believe they are within Exeter’s range.

Agh. Then you sound like a well qualified candidate!

Your appliaction seems particuarly strong and I think you would receive a great deal of aid because of your achievements and places want students who make the most out of their surroundings.

im not applying for financial aid im full pay.

i didnt apply for financial aid, im full pay.

i’m also a US citizen.

I also wanted to add that I am a really good artist and I submitted a few of my artworks and sculptures (well one sculpture). I mainly do realistic portraits.

Oh then your all set you should do great

Thank you!