Chance Me- Pitzer (URM)


I was wondering what you think my chances are for Pitzer (maybe ED II, not sure yet)

Ethnicity=Hispanic, Female, Vermont
Major= Environmental Studies

Current Year Courses- AP Lang, Art, Honors Calc, Physics, Internship in Cinematography
(I am currently doing a semester away studying Vermonts ecology and hiking through it)
I will have taken 4 APs total by end of senior year (I wasn’t allowed to take them while away from my main campus)

Common App Essay Topic: week long backpacking trip through a national hurricane and learning how to make decisions (something I have always struggled with) (also in the additional section I talked about how I am working on a project about bee keeping and working to pollinate the local flora and my greenhouse)

3 really great recommendation letters from English, ecology and film teachers

1370 SAT (690 Reading, 680 Math)
3.76 UW 4.71 W Cumulative GPA
3.95 UW 4.88 W Current GPA

Environmental Club
National Honors Society
GLOW Club (gay, lesbian or whatever)
Varsity Track and Field
Director, Writer and Editor of all school film (senior year)
Cinematographer for all school film (junior year)
Member of Trivia Team
Works at Local Farm

National Hispanic Recognition Scholar
Literary Award (9th Grade)
Computer Science Award (10th)
RIT Creativity Book Award (11th)