I’m pretty nervous about this, and I just want to put my mind at ease, whether I have a good chance or not. If you could please help me with this and be honest I would very much appreciate it!

Bio: Public school in Southern California. In the top 10% of my school. Some “hooks” that I might have been that I am a first-generation American and college student, also LGBT. My Junior year was the only time where I faltered because I came out at both my school and home, so my grades dropped a little. However, I did maintain a 4.0+ for every other semester.

Unweighted GPA: 3.4
Weighted: 3.9

APs: Lang (5), Euro (3), APUSH (3)

Leadership Roles:
-ASB Leadership
-Red Cross Club President
-CSF Class Rep
-Class Rep
-ASPIRE (after school program) Leader
-Tutor -Link Crew Leader

-Junior Honor Guard (top 20 students in my class)
-Numerous club awards

My essay was good (I think), since I put a lot of effort into it and worked extensively with my advisors. I’m not sure if the content is important but I wrote about overcoming a very toxic relationship. I can post it, but its whatever.

I feel like you have very good chances. Good luck

I logged your stats into Prepscholar. Schools go off of unweighted GPA first. For Brandeis, the average GPA is 3.9 and the average GPA is 1420. That puts your chances at 7%. It’s likely going to be out of reach.