Chance me please!! always ignored!

<p>Eth: White
Sex: Male
State: NC
Grade: Junior
Major: Pre-Med</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2 w.</p>

<p>AP's - Through End of Junior Year
-AP Environmental Science (taking)
-AP US History
-AP English 11</p>

<p>Current Grades: A's and B's ...and 2 C's</p>

<p>Senior Schedule (Projected):
-AP English 12
-AP Human Geography
-AP Government
-AP Pyscology
-H Pre-Calculas .......I went to a Catholic school in middle school, so i had to stay back in math b/c they didnt offer the normal math.
-Spanish 2
-H Chemistry 1
SAT: 1500/2400 ..i know it sucks, i got a 1900 on psat, i dont know what happened. I guess i just suck at standardized tests.
I plan on retaking in either June, or next October.</p>

Varsity Letter in Swim team last 2 years, and next year too hopefully. And a conference participant in swimming last 2 years.
I've played travel AA ice hockey for two years as well.</p>

Beta Club (11)
Member of the Order of the Arrow (Scouting's National Honor Society)
Community Service: Mobile meals, volunteer at church to do landscape work and clean ups.
I'm doing Habitat for Humanity this coming summer.</p>

<p>Job: Lifegaurd at the YMCA</p>

<p>Honors, Recognitions, Awards, Program:

<p>My College List:
UNC..I would love to go there.
Wake Forest

<p>Thanks alot.</p>