Chance me please :)Any input is appreciated!

<p>As the time is getting closer, I am being more anxious The main reason is probably because I leave all my tests to my senior year. I really appreciate any input in here!</p>

<p>I transferred from school in China to US high school in my junior year. So I got a little behind in everything and obviously I am not a good test taker...</p>

<p>Intended major: International Relations</p>

<p>SAT1---2050 (horrible :( gonna retake it in Oct.)
SAT2--- going to take Spanish, Math2 and US history in Nov...</p>

<p>unweighted GPA: 3.9
current high school: an all girls' high school in Maryland</p>

<p>Senior year courses:
AP English Lit
AP Calculus BC
AP Biology
International Politics
Directing and Production
Spanish 4</p>


<p>School president for both my former high school in china and the current high school in the US</p>

<p>RA (residence assistant)</p>

<p>The founder of Darfur Genocide STAND chapter in China</p>

<p>Georgetown Model UN (The most outstanding delegate)</p>

<p>Shanghai YMCA leader</p>

<p>varsity volleyball</p>

<p>Student ambassador in current school</p>

<p>Goodwill ambassador for Washingtong workshop foundation</p>

<p>School newspaper chief editor for both schools</p>

<p>Fouder of HIUS (for chinese high school students who go to US high schools)</p>

<p>Leader of school debate team and International club</p>

<p>Stage manager for two musicals and director for one play</p>

<p>Working experiences:</p>

<p>Intern in the Congress-Rep.Wayne Gilchrest Office</p>

<p>Work for both Hillary Clinton & John McCain's main campaign office</p>

<p>will work for a state attorney running for congressman this coming fall</p>

<p>p.s. is it weird to see an international to get involved so much in US politics?</p>

<p>Recommendation letters:
I'm going to ask my International Politics teacher to write me one and my math teacher for another.Additionally the congressman whom I worked for this summer will write me one.</p>


<p>As I mentioned above I am the founder and leader of the darfur genocide intervention foundation chapter in china, I personally suffered a lot of harshness and pressure from government for holding a pannel and gathering members. So I am thinking of writing an essay based on that experience.</p>

<p>I am getting dreadfully anxious these days since I am still struggling with all the standardized tests while others have already begun application process. I hope we all can help each other go through this period of time and finally get in whichever college you wish to go!=) Again I really appreciate all the inputs in here :)</p>

Work for both Hillary Clinton & John McCain's main campaign office


<p>Why would you volunteer for two campaigns whose views are diametrically opposed to one another? I would probably just list your work for one of these campaigns on your app. Otherwise, it looks like you did it just to pad your resume instead of to help a candidate you believe in.</p>

<p>Thank you for your post Weasel8488, as to foreigners, we kind of like outsiders with regards to the US presidential election since we don't have rights to vote thus won't get direct affected by the results. The reason for me to work for both of the campaign is maily because of the experience. But your comment is really helpful! That is indeed suspicious..@@</p>

<p>hey lesleyG ec's are pretty decent and the essay sounds really good. ask someone to proofread though not to be offensive but there are some grammar problems in your AP's?</p>