Chance me please (applied for class of 2016)

<p>I see lots of people doing this & now I want to know what my chances are according to members of CC :)</p>

<p>SAT 2000
ACT 30 (broken down scores should be: 32math 32english 30 writing 25 science)
UNWEIGHTED: around 3.3-4 not sure
EC volunteer at St. Jude (experience in 3 departments), amazing summer internship at UC Irvine Research/ Surgical Education Center (worked with 3 departments), various work through church since 6th grade (did most things from cafe work to media)
LEADERSHIP co-president of culture club, section leader& fundraiser manager in band
Living in California</p>

<p>Anything else I should say? & just wondering(& I've asked this to other people too; got different responses), is my CA residence going to be an obstacle in my admission chances?</p>

<p>I heard that out-of-state students do have a tougher time getting in. However, that may be changing due to budget cuts. Not sure, though.
Your EC's are incredible! Your internship definitely gives you an edge. It looks like you have a good shot at getting in. Your GPA and test scores are pretty good, too. I know UW places emphasis on the essays, so if you wrote pretty good essays, I'd say you're in. :)
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<p>Unweighted GPA kind of low, but otherwise very strong application. If your essays were great, then in.</p>