Chance me please at CSU's

<p>OK, Im an out-of-state applicant first and foremost. I know it is more competitive as an out of stater.</p>

<p>My CSU gpa is 3.87. This gpa is weighted with the 2 college courses I've already completed for honors credit. I am taking 3 more college courses this year.</p>

<p>My ACT composite is 28. My SAT's are 600 Reading, 590 Math.</p>

<p>I've applied to the following CSU schools:</p>

<p>San Diego State
Cal State Long Beach
Cal State Pomona
Cal State Fullerton
Cal State San Marcos</p>

<p>I would greatly appreciate people who have some knowledge of the Cal State system giving me a heads up. Thanks!!!</p>

<p>Anyone? Bump the bump</p>

<p>gpa looks good, not too sure about the test score its average for these schools but I don't know for out-of-state applicants.
most of this will depend on major, engineerin/business/nursing=competitive admission while liberal studies and other less impacted majors are less competitive</p>

<p>you should consider applying to the UCs if you're out-of-state. CSUs prioritize students that are out of their respective regions very low on the list - even lower than the UCs. i.e. a san diego resident with <3.5 gpa and 1600 sat probably has a better chance at SDSU than you do. OOS UC applicants are starting to even out with in-states due to the state financial problem.</p>

<p>I wish UC's were an option. Affording a CSU as an OOS will be more than challenging enough.</p>

<p>You're definitely in at all.</p>

<p>If you are really interested in UC's, you could go to a California community college for about a year and rack up a decent number of credits. You could get residency and get in as a transfer student. The overall cost would be much, much cheaper especially since you would be going in as a Sophomore in college (if you get all required credits), rather than a Frosh student.</p>

<p>I thought the UC's generally only accepted students as junior transfers?</p>

<p>Actually, I know for sure that UC Berkeley accepts transfer students as Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, but you need a minimum of 60 transfer credits with at least a 2.4 GPA and an essay. Unlike some other colleges, you don't need to show them your SAT's or high school transcripts. As long as you take a hefty load your frosh year (and do well), you definitely have a chance at the UC's.</p>

<p>the freshman, sophomore, etc US idiomatic hierarchy can either be considered by year or by credits. e.g. you can have a UC student that is junior by credits, but sophomore by year, or whatever combination. anon2013 is referring to it by credits, so you could be junior/sophomore by credits and sophomore by year. of course, this depends on how quickly you take your credits. in the end, the class year categories for colleges are, from my perspective, fairly arbitrary, because there are two competing idealogies.</p>