Chance Me Please - Class 2013

<p>I am a junior thinking about Brown and similar schools (Tufts, Georgetown, Penn St Schreyer, CMU, UVa, Boston U, Wesleyan (CT), NYU, Johns Hopkins) . Anyone please feel free to comment on my chances at any of these schools or others that I should look at.</p>

<p>White male from Pennsylvania
Public high school ranked in the top 5% in the state, top 10% nationally
Looking to go into business </p>

<p>SAT- 2150 (800 M, 700 CR, 650 W)
GPA- unweighted 3.9 weighted 4.23 (out of 4.5)</p>

<p>Taken the hardest level classes in high school, all AP and Honors.
Will have taken total of 5 AP classes after junior year (human geo, euro, us history, AB calc, physics) and another 4 AP classes senior year. (am gov, macro econ, phys 2, stat)
4 years of Latin</p>

<p>Ranking: Not yet calculated, should be around 15/330 or top 5%
No discipline issues, student of the month, perfect attendance, etc.</p>

<p>Grades: All solid A’s, 2 A- and B+
Extracurriculars: NHS first year of eligibility, 300 hours of volunteering in high school with Special Needs Kids (Special Olympics every year, Challenger Gym Program, Challenger Sports) – very dedicated to helping special needs through service.
Leadership- Counselor at YMCA summer camp, counselor at my high school summer and winter baseball camp, Counselor at American Helicopter Museum summer camp
Highly recommended math tutor - have several jobs in the area with my name being spread
3 years of Varsity Baseball
3 years of FBLA
2 years Key Club 2 years Interact
Intern at the Am. Youth Literacy Program
Instructor at my school district’s ESL program</p>

<p>I may be forgetting a thing or two but hopefully you get a decent idea of the picture.
Any respsonse would be helpful, thanks</p>

<p>You’re certainly in the running. You need a compelling story- math tutoring as a business model? You may be lacking in leadership. You will need to make the argument somehow. Business undergrad can be great or worthless. Think hard about your reasons for that major.
Finally, you will need some good recommendations to make you stand out.</p>