Chance Me please! Class of 2014!

<p>9th grade: Debate class, distinguished, womens choir, All honors: geometry, english, world geography, spanish 2 and biology with A's in all of the classes except an 85 for geometry. I'm currently a sophomore and my grades aren't the best because of honors Pre-Calc. I'm in honors everything: spanish 3, chemistry, english, AP World, AP Psych, debate, health science. This year I started my own Fashion Club, and I am in a number of clubs this year. My grades so far for the first 5 weeks are: 99 in English, 100 in AP World, 93 in AP Psych, 88 in Chemistry, 85 in Spanish 3, 75 in Pre-Calc, and 100s in my other classes. I'm thinking about switching to regular Pre-calc since it's too much of an effort and obviously my chemistry and spanish classes have been hurting!</p>

<p>Your GPA qualifies for Cornell- definetly. But your chances also depend on which college. AAP or CAS? Because depending on your chances, the admission % varies significantly</p>

<p>Your ECs are good too. But remember- all Ivies including Cornell, choose applicants on a holistic scale. How are your Essays? Your SATs? How is your personhroallity/impression as shown through teacher recs? Based on this data you have given me, it is truly hard to judge you</p>

<p>Remember also, besides being holistically excellent (all Cornell admitted students are excellent in every criteria) you need to have PASSION. I have 2 big passions in my life: Biology (Physiology) and Economics (Buisiness). </p>

<p>--> I have shown my passion in Bio by taking hardest Bio course: (IB DP Biology HL) and also doing Biology-related internship work at a local university, Otalaryncology Clinic,etc
--> I have shown my passion in Econ by doing same and also attending Business related conferences/conventions and starting my own Economics Issues Club. </p>

<p>In my case, though I have 2 passions, I plan to focus on Bio since its is my REAL passion</p>

<p>Let me also give you an admission stat our Sister school gave us
Student 1: Bradley (Environmental Engineering)
- 3.7 GPA Unweighted
- Good ECs: School President, GIN club member, Environmental club founder, etc
- Good Work Experience
- Over 400 hours of service
- SAT: 2090
- Excellent Teacher Recs and good academic integrity impression
- IB Programme</p>

<p>Student 2: Sally
- 4.0 GPA Unweighted (4.31 Weighted)
- Mediocre ECs: Some sporadic clubs there and there but no long term activity
- One work experience at McDonalds
- 100 hours of service
- SAT: 2320
- Average Teacher Recs: (not much known about the student because not many school-wide activities)</p>

-->Bradley (Accepted), Sally (Rejected)</p>