Chance Me Please! Class of 2016

•My GPA at the moment is a 3.02/4.0
•My ACT is a 28
•I know that I don’t have the best grades, but i plan on getting them up.
•I’m an African-American (Somalian) student, Male, and Stanford is one of my top schools. school
•Top Quarter Rank
•I planned on majoring in Sports Management, but they don’t allow that/have that major at , so right know I’m thinking Marketing or communications, or if they have the opportunity to design my own major, I might do that as well.</p>

<p>Junior Course load:
•Psychology AP, American History, AP Language&Comp, Precalculus, Photography, Stats&Probablity, PhyEd 11, Guitar Methods</p>

<p>Senior Course Load:
•Yearbook Publication, Media Studies, Humanities (AP Lit&Comp), Senior Foods, Stats AP, PhyEd 12, Microeconomics AP, American Government AP</p>

<p>My EC:
•Student Council (VP Junior Year, and President Elect for senior year) (4 Years)
•DECA, which is like business leaders of America. And I am president of that. (4 Years)
•I am the founder and president of the African-American Leadership Council at my school
•I am the producer of the black history month show at my school.
•I am in speech, which has high prestige at my school is ranked in top ten in the USA
•Varsity Golf
•I help run a National Magazine for high school teachers nationwide.
•Been going to Muslim Religion classes every Saturday and Sunday since I was 6</p>

<p>Work Experience:
•I intern with the Minnesota Timberwolves
•I’m the basketball manager for my high school Varsity Basketball Team, and in the summer I manage an AAU team.
•Also this summer I’m working/ interning with a golf club
•I'm a golf caddy
•Mentor Somali Kids at a local Elementary School
•One of 2 students selected to work on the Roseville Park and Rec Board
•Habitat for Humanity this summer
•More volunteer work in the summers</p>

•Lettered in Speech and Student Council
•City of Falcon Heights Teen Leadership Award
•(More that I can’t think of)</p>

•Hopefully will be good, I know many people that I will have edit it, so it will be top notch when I turn it in.</p>

•Assistant Basketball Coach/Vice Principle at me Elementary school, in the Minnesota Hall of Fame for High School Basketball Coaching
•Counselor: He loves me, he worked in the Sports Management Field before becoming a counselor and I know his recommendation will be good.
•Teacher: Humanities/10th Grade Pre-AP English Teacher, One of the Top Teachers in the Nation, Has awards for being a top teacher In MN/USA. I work with her on a literacy publication magazine that a couple of other kids and I are working on together. ( so her recommendation will be legit.
Addition Recommendation: Jeff Munneke; Vice President of Fan Relations and Guest Services I Intern with him, so he’ll write me a good recommendation</p>

•State (if domestic applicant): Minnesota
•School Type: Large Public High School 2000+
•Ethnicity: Somalian (African-American)
•Gender: Male
•Hooks (URM, first generation college, research, etc.): URM and First Generation College. Research (Kinda?)</p>

•Strengths: Leadership, Experience, Recommendations’, and Extracurricular
•Weaknesses: Most academic related things.
•I know my grades aren’t the best neither is my ACT score, but the reason for that is because I was always busy with school, and extracurricular activities. And it wasn’t like I joined every club available just to be in them, I was an active member of each one, and I have leadership roles in many of them. I don’t know if my extracurricular will balance out my academics but do you think that I have a chance at all? Also I’m great at interviews so hopefully I nail that too.</p>



<p>Well, better not tell Stanford that.</p>

<p>If you Duke is your dream school, why are you chancing for Stanford?</p>

<p>Profiles of first gens or URMs admitted to Stanford usually show 3.5+ or more in GPA and around 2000 in SAT. They may have lower Stats but not this low.</p>

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<p>Sorry, Stanford is one of my top schools and I forgot to change some things. Sorry.</p>

<p>I just don’t see it in the cards. At the end of the day, Stanford still cares a lot about GPA and test scores. In your post I saw a lot that makes me think you’ll be successful, but not as a graduate of Stanford. </p>

<p>Things that would make you a more competitive applicant:
-A 4.0 GPA next year. Some people say senior year grades don’t count much, but if you have a solid upward trend than senior year grades count a ton.
-A really bad freshman year GPA. That 3.0 wouldn’t look so bad if you got, say, a 2.0 your freshman year. Stanford doesn’t look at freshman year grades, for instance.
-Better than a 28 on the ACT. Schools will generally not pay too much attention to your impressive ECs and recs if you don’t have the GPA and ACT to qualify. If you could move that up into the low 30s, that would greatly reassure anyone examining your profile.</p>

<p>Get a 4.0 senior year, boost that ACT, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a top school took a chance on you.</p>

<p>Hi, I’m applying for Class of 2016 too! Good luck to you, and don’t lose faith because of your scores… a miracle may happen :)</p>

<p>…I need happiness around me because I’m so nervous. My chances post is also in the forum!</p>

<p>Curious; where did you end up? Did you get into Stanford?</p>

<p>Looking at old post he ended at University of Kansas</p>