Chance me please :( deferred by penn

<p>I'm a white boy from PA, decent public school, just got deferred by Penn ED. Do I have an okay chance at Cornell or should I just give up and become a janitor?</p>

<p>SAT: 2380/1600 (3rd sitting, first were 2090 and 2280)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 780 US History
GPA: UW 3.79, upward trend- 3.64 9th, 3.875 10th and 11th
Rank: 23/509 (top 5%)
APs: Calc AB (4) US Gov (4) Psychology (5)</p>

<p>Senior courseload: AP Calc BC, AP Bio, AP Lit, Honors Statistics, Honors Senior Social Sciences, Honors Spanish 5</p>

<p>Awards: National Merit Semifinalist (finalist?), County Spelling Bee Finalist 10th and 11th grade, AMC 10 school winner 10th</p>

Boy Scouts : Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader 9,10,11,10
Scholastic Scrimmage Varsity team member 11,12
FBLA (2nd place business calculations at regionals last year) 10,11,12
NHS 11,12
Pole vaulting (JV sort of) 11
Fencing at YMCA 9,10,11</p>

<p>Community Service: I've been on two week-long mission trips to a homeless shelter in Maryland. Other than that just some random stuff through boy scouts, church, and NHS.</p>

<p>Essays: Probably going to re-do common app one since it sucked, will try my best on Cornell one</p>

<p>Recs: probably generic</p>

<p>State: PA
Income: 100k</p>

<p>Thanks guys.</p>

<p>Ok, first of all, you were deferred at Penn, not rejected as many students are, it shows that you have extraordinary qualifications.</p>

<p>Otherwise, your numbers and activities look fine. You should be competitive. Almost no one is a sure thing.</p>

<p>Unsolicited advice -- if you haven't yet applied to Cornell or other schools, have someone review your essays, just in case there's something you missed that's holding you back. Not that there necessarily is ... </p>

<p>As to your question ... I know that it must hurt not having gotten into your first choice, and that your Janitor comment was being humorous. However, it should be said that overall, in life this setback is relatively small. Be it Cornell or somewhere else, you should get into an excellent school in time. Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks man. yeah it is upsetting not getting in penn i thought i had a pretty good chance</p>

<p>I just got into Cornell ED last night and you have incredible statistics. I dont see how you didnt get into Upenn, but maybe it was your essays since you said it sucked. For Cornell, everybody says that the ssays are really important because they want to know that you picked them for a reason and that you know why you picked the specific one of the many colleges within Cornell U. They even ask you for a specific essay for he college you chose. I really think you have an awesome chance. Which college would you apply to in Cornell? Hope this helped!!</p>

<p>Wow. I am surprised that you got deferred at Penn. Judging from your stats, you look very competitive. I agree to rewrite your essay(s) or have someone look over them just in case this was your weakness. But also, Ivy admissions is always a crap shoot so keep your chin up! You have great credentials and have obviously worked hard. I would apply everywhere that you want to go. You can't get in if you don't apply and you definitely have the stats to be competitive for Cornell. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>Man your Stats are just AMAZING. I guess it must come down to your essays and lack of outstanding EC's.</p>

<p>your Ec's look a little weak. and teacher recs are pretty important i think?</p>

<p>You look like a strong applicant with those stats. Write a killer essay and hope for the best. There isn't much more you can and should do with regards to getting into a college.</p>

<p>I think you should give up and become a janitor, because your stats and everything about you absolutely suck. </p>

<p>In all seriousness though, I think you have a very good chance at Cornell.</p>

<p>you can't change your common app essays once you click submit....</p>

<p>you can redo common app</p>

<p>don't get discouraged. you have a very strong chance at cornell and other ivies. It is just that admissions at ivies are kind of crapshoot to an extent, so you have to play your cards right to maximize your chances.</p>

<p>try to think about what admissions officers might want to hear about you when you write admissions essay. and, try to incorporate those factors into your essay. Also, getting into Penn is no joke. it has gotten much tougher to get into in last decade.</p>

<p>bompe bompe</p>

<p>Your stats are certainly great, and I'm pretty sure you were only a "near-miss" for Penn. I guarantee people similar to you were accepted and with admissions so competitive, not everyone with your stats will get in. I think most would, however, so it was likely more bad luck than anything else. Definitely take a look at your essays. Don't necessarily obsess, however. Given your other stats, I would have a hard time believing you would have written particularly weak essays. Like I said, luck plays a role. I encourage you to have someone read them over, as maybe there is something obvious that you didn't catch (proof reading your own work is always hard). </p>

<p>As for chances, I'll say 65% for Cornell. Keep in mind, while I like your chances, that still means if 100 people posted your exact same thread, my guess is still only 65 would actually be admitted. All you can do is make sure your essays are strong at this point.</p>

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<p>I think you have an excellent chance at cornell. Stellar grades, highly appealing test scores, and eagle scout? That's a very good award and colleges know how time-consuming that is. </p>

<p>What college in Cornell do you plan on applying to?</p>

<p>most likely ILR, although I was going to rewrite my commonapp essay about my lifelong interest in ancient and medieval history which might look better if i was applying to cas for history or something</p>

<p>You have great credentials Congratulations.</p>

<p>Okay. So now I am going to be the bring down to earth reply. </p>

<p>For the type of schools you are applying to--your SAT's are excellent, but it took three attempts. Your gpa is great, but only ok for the tippitytop. Your class rank is barely 5 percent. You are not Val or Sal. Your ec's are okay-Eagle Scout and National Merit recognition, but otherwise-- just okay.</p>

<p>You need to make yourself standout from every other candidate equally as good or better. If you want Cornell, an incredible school btw, make it known.</p>

<p>Your representation of yourself in the op thread was underwelming.</p>