Chance me please for Berkeley

<p>Major: Chemical Engineering
GPA: 3.79
in TAP
All major prerequisites completed
All-American swimming</p>

<p>I am very stressed out, I just want april to come</p>


<p>for UCLA last year, 28 out of 181 applicants were admitted with an average gpa of 3.87 for chemical engineering. for berkeley i’m assuming their avg gpa is at least 3.9.</p>

<p>your gpa is probably in the lower end of the “average” range, but your swimming background should definitely help a lot (athletic engineering major? that’s pretty awesome). i’m hoping your personal statements are just as awesome.</p>

<p>assuming you have great personal statements, i think you’re more likely to be accepted than not. maybe like 75-25.</p>

<p>did you complete EVERYTHING on, or everything your school offers?
what is your gpa in the important courses (ochem, calc, etc)?</p>

<p>i didn’t know berkeley had TAP or anything of that sort…especially for engineering</p>

<p>A very good personal statement will bump you up. Hope you wrote something that was unique and clear.</p>