CHANCE Me Please For Duke, UVa, Brown, Cornell, Wake Forest, American University

<li>have an 1840 (SAT Math:640 CR:600 Writing:600 , hoping to get it to at least 2000)</li>
<li>play 3 sports, 2 are varsity, and I am a team captain for one of them</li>
<li>chosen to present a project of mine in front of the Board of Education</li>
<li>provide free school and SAT tutoring to those who need it in my school</li>
<li>involved in a club</li>
<li>3.8 GPA unweighted</li>
<li>Volunteer in a soup kitchen every week</li>
<li>single parent home</li>
<li>low income</li>
<li>first generation college student</li>
<li>top 10% in my class</li>
<li>pretty high performing school in NJ (in top 1000 of all high schools in country)</li>
<li>and I'm black (just throwing that in there)
what are my chances of getting into any of these schools?</li>