Chance me please for in-state

I am currently a HS senior in Wake County NC. My unweighted GPA is 3.95 and my weighted GPA is 4.42. Rank is 24/462. 4 year varsity sport and member in NHS and a few other clubs. I have taken 1 AP class and the rest are honors and dual enrollment classes taken at the local community college (WakeTech). ACT composite is 28 and SAT is 1300. I did just retake the ACT last week so I’m hoping for a little improvement in my score. I think my essay is pretty solid. Can someone please chance me?

Wake County makes it tough, but your GPA and class rank are excellent. Talk with your guidance counselor about whether it is worth submitting those test scores since UNC has gone test optional. I would think your application would look better without them, as they are on the low end of what what UNC reports for accepted students in past years. I have read that UNC likes to see at least 5 AP courses, but I’m not clear on whether those community college classes will be considered an equivalent to AP or I/B classes. If they are, then everything besides the test scores looks pretty solid. Good luck!

How many students were accepted from your HS the past few years? If it’s around 45-50, you’d have a decent shot, based on your rank. If it is around 30, it could go either way.

Thanks @Essel. I think it was around 40 or so that were accepted last year. We don’t have Naviance so I don’t have much info. They just put out new rankings and I am now 18/445. What makes me nervous is that I had my ACT scores automatically sent when I took them in Feb before UNC became test optional and my score of 28 kinda hurts my chances.

Your rank is excellent. The ECs look good as well. I think all that will count more than your test scores, but who knows. Best of luck!

Update: Accepted! Thanks for all of your replies


Well in that case I’d say your chance is now 100%. :slight_smile: Congrats!!!

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Glad my guess was right! Congratulations!

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