Chance Me Please for NYU Tisch

Hey Everyone!

So currently I am a Junior in highschool and I just wanted to know what my chances of getting into NYU Tisch was.
I am an Asian Male.
I currently have a 4.68 GPA Weighted. 3.87 unweighted. Trying to maintain this grade, but this school year hasn’t been all that great with family problems and health problems. No class rank to report.

I go to Fairview Highschool which is pretty competitive and the classes there are pretty challenging. I am currently doing the IB Diploma as well.

SAT Score (out of 1600): 1520

SAT Subject:
Math 2: 800


  • Over 100 hours of volunteer service (hospitals, violin concerts at retirement homes, teaching kids to learn music)
  • Playing the violin for 11 years. Gotten into All State and Western State orchestra for all my years at highschool.
  • Been doing debate for all my years at Highschool. Debate Captain. Made it to state last year.
  • Swim team (all my highschool years as well ^.^)
  • National Honor Society
  • Selected for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)
  • Colorado Math Team Representative (ARML)
  • French Club ( Co-founder )
  • Student Council ( 3 years)
  • Violin Teacher at Project Youth and Chamber Music (Workshop Counseling)

AP Classes and IB classes:

  1. AP US History
  2. AP Calculus BC
  3. IB Calculus 2/3
  4. IB World History
  5. IB Language
  6. IB Chemistry 2
  7. IB Physics
  8. IB French 4

I also have maintained pretty good relationships with my counselor and teachers, so I don’t think my recommendations would be a problem for my application next year.

Major: Game Design
Minor: Psychology

If anyone could tell me what other activities or anything that I should change that would increase my chances of getting into NYU that would be great! Please be honest about everything as well. Thank you everyone! ^.^