Chance me please for transfer fall 2012

<p>I am a pre med sophomore in Philadelphia University and i am an international student and have done A levels and Olevels. </p>

<p>Olevels: 7A's, 2B's (highest marks in Literature in English in my city and third highest in my state)
Alevels: 2A's, 2B's
Position holder for three years in a row in Olevels.
Third position in a city level Chemistry quiz competition.
Was on the Student Council for three years and was Deputy Head boy for one year.
Earned a 75% shcolarship for my Alevels in one of the nation's most prestigious schools.
Debate society member in my High School
Green revolution society member in my High School. We undertook a plantation program in areas around our High School Campus. </p>

<p>Test Scores
SAT subject tests Biology 700 Chem 720
ACT 29
TOEFL 105/120 </p>

<p>Current COllege gpa= 3.51</p>

<p>VOlunteer/social work
woked as a volunteer for the Minorities Right Commission, to increase the awareness of rights of Christians as a minority in my country (Pakistan)
-worked as a volunteer for Harmony foundation, to bring out the talent in the Christian youth in Pakistan.
-was part of the five people who started a protest when a group of fanatic Muslims burned a Christian village down. It was just us,five people, who started the protest in the burned village even though the area was being patrolled by the army and was declared as a danger zone.
-worked as a volunteer with Harmony FOundation for free medical camp in marginalized Christian villages which lack basic access to medical facilities.
-Acted as a volunteer with Society for Disabled Women in my community to raise awareness about the rights of the disabled. </p>

<p>I intend to apply to schools
John Hopkins
Georgetown University</p>

<p>As an international transfer student, you won't be eligible to receive financial aid. You should check with each individual college to see if int'l students are eligible for aid, but I don't those schools on your list give any aid. While I admire your EC's (I am Pakistan-American myself, my mom is from Islamabad and my father is from Karachi) your GPA is just way too low. Your ACT score is also low, and if you plan on transferring, you should retake your ACT and shoot for a 32+. </p>

<p>I can't really see any of the schools on your list taking you as a junior transfer. I think your best shot is Drexel. Sorry to be blunt, but you need to hear it. In the whole sea of 3.8+ transfers, a 3.51 is really on the low end unless you're a recruited athlete. If you're trying to get out of your school, I think you need to make a realistic list. I would try NYU, BC, Fordham, and maybe other top 50 schools who are transfer friendly. Also for transfers, I think domestic applicants are more favorable. I am not 100% sure on this, but I have been perusing this site (wanting to transfer out of NYU) and this is my personal opinion. Good luck! </p>

<p>PS I hope I didn't sound too harsh, I'm just trying to give you honest feedback.</p>

<p>^ +1</p>


<p>Hey thanks that actually helps....i have been reconsidering this list actually but u didnt think about NYU because I thought that wouldn't even consider me...and yeah a lot of the top 50 schools give internationals financial coz some of my high school friends are in those schools on substantial financial aid.....</p>

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