Chance me please for UCLA/UCB/USC and other UCs

<p>Hey guys please chance me for UC schools and USC!</p>

<li>Asian (Korean)</li>
<li>Came to America 6 years ago</li>
<li>California resident</li>
<li>Older brother got accepted to UCLA last year </li>

<p>Here are my stats :)</p>

<p>Summer school classes: Health (A) Business Tech (A)</p>

<p>9th gpa: 4.0 / 3.833
-Eng 9 adv. (A/B)
-Biology (A/A)
-Algebra (A/A)
-Beginning Modern Dance (A/A)
-Spanish (A/A)
-Ceramics (A/A)</p>

<p>Summer school classes: Geometry (A/A)</p>

<p>10th gpa: 4.286/ 4.429
-Eng 10 Hnrs (A/A)
-Chemistry (A/A)
-Alg 2 Hnrs (A/A)
-AP World History (A/A)
-Spanish (A/A)
-Ceramics (A/A)
-Intermediate Modern Dance (B/A)</p>

<p>Summer school classes: took Precalc at community college (B/B)</p>

<p>11th gpa: 4.333/4.5
-AP Eng Lang (A/A)
-AP Biology (B/A)
-Ap Calc AB (C/C) :(
-AP US History (A/A)
-Spanish (A/A)
-AP Psychology (A/A)</p>

<p>Currently taking
-AP Eng Lit
-AP Stats
-AP Gov
-AP Chemistry
-AP Spanish Lang
-Physiology Hnrs</p>

<p>SAT Score:
-Highest: 2080 (Math 700/CR 680/Writing 700)
-Superscore: 2140 (Math 760/CR 680/Writing 700)</p>

<p>SAT II Score:
-Korean: 800
-Biology E: 670
-Literature: 610</p>

- CSF for 4 years
- Key Club for 3 years (About 50 hours of community service)
- Korean Christian Club for 3 years
- Volunteered at a church for blind people (3 hrs per week/35weeks)
Not a lot of ECs :'( </p>

<p>AP scores:
- AP World History (4)
- AP Biology (4)
- AP Psychology (4)
- AP Eng Lang (4)
- AP US History (3)
- AP Calc AB (4)
and will be taking AP Stats, AP Eng Lit, AP Chem, AP Span, AP Gov exams this may. </p>

<p>Work experience:
- Customer service worker at a handbag store in LA (since 2011)</p>

<p>I think I have a good gpa (avg of 10th &11th gpa is 4.387) but a low SAT score and poor ECs. Can you guys pleaseeeeee chance me for
- USC </p>

<p>Thank you in advance!!!!!</p>

<li>forgot to tell you guys my rank! 17/455 so i'm in top 4%! and i'm hoping the ELC thing will help me to get into at least one of the UCs</li>

<p>Can anyone please comment :'( ?</p>

<p>Youre AP scores are too low, try CalTech instead. I heard Stanford is also a good schools to have as a backup.</p>

<p>U think Stanford is a backup?? If yes, u cant be more wrong!!
Stanford is far more selective than UCs....
And as for the OP, u need to have a bit more ECs and show leadership qualities to get into good colleges.
Btw, u have good GPAs and I think U can do a bit more with ur application.</p>

<p>Mrinal, I'm gonna have to agree with boxofchocolates on this one. I would not even consider ucla with those scores. I dont mean to sound harsh, but I think it will just lead to disappointment... Apply to Stanford instead, I would probably give you a 80-90% chance to get in, depends a little on the mood of the application officer</p>

<p>@ somebo123 & boxofchocolates</p>

<p>are you guys serious??? STANFORD???? I barely have a chance of getting into UCs. I mean I would loveeeee to go to Stanford but my grades and everything suck lol</p>

<p>Those guys are such trolls</p>

<p>Yeah they are just trolling you.</p>

<p>whats your major, a lot can be effected by that</p>

<p>dudtlatn, </p>

<p>Since none of the previous comments have been very constructive, I hope my post will give you some usable feedback. </p>

<p>Your grades are certainly decent, though those two Cs in Calc might be a blemish on your application. UCs concentrate on your sophomore (10) and junior (11) years when they consider GPA. UCs also do not superscore, so the score they will be using is your 2080. This is not a horrible score by any means but will probably place you a bit below average at UCLA, Berkeley, and USC. UCLA has a lot of applications this year so admissions will probably be more competitive than in previous years. Your SAT Subject Tests are average as well and your ECs are a bit lacking.</p>

<p>HOWEVER, I feel that you have the potential to be admitted to all of the schools you have listed. Here's my school-by-school breakdown:</p>

<p>Berkeley: Reach
UCLA: Reach
USC: Reach
UCI: Match
UCSD: High Match</p>