chance me please for ucs!! :) will chance back!

<p>hi! i'm applying to cal, ucla, ucsd, ucd, ucsb, uci and ucsc. i'm also applying to nyu, bu and santa clara university</p>

<p>my gpa is unfortunately not very high. this is mainly because of my freshmen gpa. i had just moved from england and it was my first year in the us. (i explained this is my essay too)
my uw gpa (9-12) is 3.47
my w gpa (9-12) is 3.82
my uw gpa (10-12) is 3.68
my w gpa (10-12) is 4.10
my uc gpa is 4.0</p>

<p>4 ap classes (3 of them i'm taking this year) and 4 honor classes. got a 4 on AP Lang
took a psychology class at a community college over the summer (and got an A)</p>

<p>my sat is a 2180 (660 CR, 800 M, 720 WR)
my superscore is a 2220 (680 CR, 800 M and 720 WR)
i also took the act once, but i only got a 30 so i don't think i'll send those in</p>

<p>i don't really have a lot of ec but i hope it won't hurt me too much
150 hours of community service (helped in a hospital, children summer camps, tutoring children and town fairs)
have had a job at a tutoring center since junior year
treasurer for interact club
french club</p>

<p>chance me please!</p>