Chance me please! (Gonzaga, WWU, Boston College)

Hi everyone! As the end of my junior year grows ever nearer, I’ve become gradually more and more anxious about my future. I really wanted to see what I can improve in the next couple of months as a student and a person; I want to be ready for university socially, academically, and financially.

Here’s a little information about my academics;
My overall Cumulative GPA is 4.3235; I’m 45th of 401 students in terms of class rank.

Freshman year:
AP Human Geography: B, B
English 9 Honors: C, A
Geometry: B, A
Honors Biology: B, A
French 3 Honors: A, A
Fashion (only a single semester course, completed the first semester): B
Honors US Government (only a single semester course, completed the second semester): A

Sophomore year:
AP Chemistry (dual enrollment): B, B
Algebra 2 Honors: B, B
AP Seminar: A, A
AP US History: A, B
English 10 Honors: B, B
French 4 Honors: A, A
Marine Biology (only a single semester course, completed the first semester): A
Photography (joined course in the second semester): A

Junior year (current):
AP French Lang & Culture: A
AP Research: A
AP World History: A
English/Lang Arts 11: A
Intermediate Photography: A
Pre-calc/Trig: A
AP Environmental Science: A

Junior year (prospective):
AP French Lang & Culture: A
AP Research: A
AP World History: A
English Language Arts 11: A
Intermediate Photography: A
AP Environmental Science: A
Lifetime Fitness: A

Prospective senior year:
AP Psych
AP Photography
AP Calculus
AP Biology/AP Physics (depends on if they have AP Bio)
AP Literature/CCB (depends on discussions with my English teacher)

I also did a Marine Biology program at UCSD; I got an A in the course and 6 credits.

Extracurriculars and test scores:

During my freshman year, I participated in color guard, a cultural diversity club, and Sources of Strength (a mental health advocacy club).
My PSAT 8/9 score was 1200.
AP Human Geography score was a 3.

During my sophomore year, I was in the same cultural diversity club, Key Club, and I joined tennis in the second semester.
My PSAT 10 score was 1190.
I didn’t take the AP Chem final because I was already eligible for credits from dual enrollment.
I got a 2 on the AP US History test (to be fair, my teacher literally did not teach us lol).
I got a 4 on my AP Seminar presentation.

Now in my junior year, I’m a bit more involved. I’m the social media coordinator for my schools animal advocacy group, I’m the éco-délégués for my French class, I’m still in the cultural diversity club, and I’m still playing tennis. I’m hoping to get into the NSLI-Y Mandarin Summer program.
My PSAT score was 1170 (not the best :(( I’ll improve though).
I’m taking the SAT and ACT later this semester; I’m also completing my AP World, AP French, AP Environmental Science, and AP Research tests/submissions in May.

General info:

I’m a white female with divorced parents (25-75 custody). My mom recently got a job at a Jesuit university as a(n assistant?) professor–she also took a pay cut of about $40,000. I’m not really religiously affiliated, but I wouldn’t mind going to a Jesuit university.

What would you say are my chances of getting into Gonzaga University and Western Washington University? I want to reach for a WUE scholarship and FACHEX but I’m not sure how I’ll fare, especially knowing how competitive these scholarships are. Please let me know about your thoughts and who I may look into this year!

Hi, I was just searching for fachex info and came upon your email from last year. Just curious how you ended up making out with the Fachex? My son is a high school junior and we’re just starting to look at those schools and I know it’s so competitive to get an award. Would you mind sharing if you ended up getting one? Thank you!