Chance me please!!!!!HELP ME PLEASE!!!

<p>Hi~I'm currently studying in a community college in florida.I have a 3.4GPA with 30 credit so far. I'm considering to apply for the Fall 2011(deadline is june 1), so i don't have much time left.If i have a 3.6GPA when i finish my 46 credit next semester by May 2010 until I turn in my application will be too late? what should I do? do I have a good chance to get in?(maybe i'll apply at 2011 summer)Do i need anythings eles like personal essay or recomandation?is baruch a good school?do i have any other option with my GPA?(fordham? Baruch?Pace?)i'm only consider school located in New york city.thank you all ~~please gives me an idea guys!</p>

<p>( Finish: )<br>
Intermediate Algebra - C<br>
Survey of Calculus - A<br>
Statistics - A<br>
Earth Sciences - A<br>
Macro Economics - B<br>
Elements of Nutrition - B
Intro to Political Sciences - A
Health concepts and Strategies -A</p>

<p>( Taking next semester:) finish by May)
College Composition I
Speech Communication
Financial Accounting</p>