Chance me please? I might be a special case.

<p>Ethnicity: Indian
GPA : 3.65 weighted 3.4 unweighted
AP's :</p>

Calc BC

<p>Class tank: top 25% at a very good school.</p>

<p>Out of state.</p>

<p>EC's: Varsity tennis, Cross country, Science olympiad, Speech and debate, Model UN.</p>

<p>I also did a summer engineering internship at a prestigious univ at my state.</p>

<p>My current ACT score is a 28, but I just took it yesterday and I'm hoping for a 30+</p>

<p>What are my chances?</p>

<p>I'm failing to see the "special case?" Out of state is already hard to get in, but on top of that you're only top 25%. I was in the same boat when I first applied and I didn't get in (not out of states). I would transfer in after a year if you really wanna go, or just go to an in-state school.</p>

<p>Yeah after doing some research I figured I wasn't really a special case. </p>

<p>I have some solid ec's though and I go to a very competitive school. </p>

<p>...and are you sure you didn't get into Texas? Your 'location' says otherwise</p>

<p>ashrox, Patrick's post says he didn't get in when he FIRST applied. He then suggests you transfer after a year. I suspect that's what he did.</p>