Chance me Please! I really need some help and inspiration

<p>Name: Vijon
Ethnicity: Indian
GPA: 3.1 UW
Class Rank: Top 30%</p>

Michigan State University (Applying Early Action)
Boston University (CGS)
University of Pittsburgh (Applying Early Action)
Syracuse University (Applying Early Decision)
Depaul University
Kalamazoo College</p>

<p>Upward Second Semester GPA Trend:
2.6 Freshman
3.4 Sophomore
3.7 Junior</p>

Honors Algebra II
Honors World History
Honors English 9
Honors Biology
Honors English 10
Honors Pre Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC (Senior)
AP European History (Senior)
IB Biology
IB Literature Y2 (Senior)
AP Government (Senior)
AP Language and Composition</p>

US History

Creative Writing

<p>Standardized Tests:
ACT: 26
SAT: 1800 / 650 Math 630 Writing 520 Reading</p>

- Stem Cell Research Internship
- Campaigning for State Senate Democratic Party
- Hospital Volunteering (100 Hours)
- Four Years Quizbowl
- Three Years Debate
- Two Years Community Service Club
- Four Years Tennis</p>

Two letters from BU professors during a Summer Challenge Program.
Will have a good Application essay
Will have good essays or recommendation from teachers</p>

<p>Also I am looking for some other colleges to apply to. I would like to know some other colleges that are on PAR with University of Pitt's, Boston University's, and Syracuse's stats and type. So if anyone can recommend me some I would greatly appreciate it.</p>

<p>Someone please let me know my chances.</p>

<p>Please Someone let me know</p>

<p>Well, for the schools you selected, it seems you're stats (mainly GPA is the issue). It is an upward trend, but I'd work my ass off first semester of Senior year to bump that up. 1800 SAT's I think are pretty on par with the schools you chose.
Just for a smaller boost, I'd volunteer a lot of summer to 300 hours-ish. Just if you wanna be safe.
Just go on US News Rankings, and find other schools that are closely ranked to the ones you chose. Then you can just look up what their admission stats, location, etc. are like and find new places.</p>

<p>PS- Help a fellow Indian out and PM how you got to campaign with a Senator. I've been meaning to do something like that too</p>

<p>I agree about your GPA!
But otherwise your courses are all very demanding so they can't question how you're challenging yourself.
I also admire your ECs - it sort of shows you're willing to stray out of the same old school clubs to look for things sort of more as a grown-up if that makes sense?
Being Indian might help for minority status I suppose.</p>

<p>Look at Boston U's stats and stuff on, i think you could be suited if you get your GPA up.
Take the SATs again too, for good measure.</p>

<p>Chance me back pleasee :)</p>

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<p>Indian status HURTS him. Indians are ignorantly just labelled as the usual Asians so he's a Over Represented Minority.</p>