Chance me please! I really want to go to BC

<p>SAT: M800 V690 W700
SATII: Math II: 780 Chem: 690 USHistory: 620
GPA: 3.91/4 unweighted
weighted: 4.955/5
Rank: 3/263</p>

<p>NJ Governor School on the Environment
Retirement Home volunteer
President of Environmental Club
Key Club/Buddy System (volunteer program in school for 4 years)
Ran a Thanksgiving Food Drive
Science League 4 years
Varsity Girl’s Tennis 3 years and was MVP last year
Bowling for 3 years
National Honor Society
AP Scholar with Honor
Have taken 4 AP classes so far and have another 4 AP classes this year</p>

<p>i'd say 89.23%</p>

<p>you should be accetped</p>

<p>you have a pretty good chance. u have quite a bit of EC"s and that is one of the biggest things at BC, since so many applicants have similar stats</p>

<p>had better stats then I did and I got in (2010)</p>

<p>Dear smartergoat : If your essays expressed your interest in BC and hinted at how you will make the campus better, you should be able to make the regular decision acceptance list. All of your GPA/test score data is fine. With eight AP courses, you should shine - expectations would include some Science, Calculus, English, and History in the AP curriculum. Volunteerism, sports, and honor societies are all present. With some music/art information, your application would be all the more appealing.</p>