Chance Me Please! International Student :)

<p>Hey guys, I’m from an IB school in Singapore and I’m a rising senior. I don’t really have a GPA or a rank because our school doesn’t have such a system. Chance me please! :)</p>



<p>I haven’t really decided whether to have engineering or economics as my major :/</p>

<p>Objective: </p>

<p>• SAT I:</p>

<p>2210 (single sitting)
CR 770 M 740 W 700</p>

<p>• SAT II: Math IIC and Physics in November</p>

<p>• IB (Predicted):</p>

<p>HL Economics (7) HL Math (6/7) HL Physics (6)
SL Spanish (7) SL Theatre (6) SL English (6)
+3 bonus points: therefore 41/42 out of 45</p>

<p>• IGCSE’S: 7A*’s, 3A’s</p>

<p>Subjective: </p>

<p>• Extracurriculars:</p>

<p>Acted in three school theatre productions
MUN conference in The Hague, Netherlands
Journalist for school Economics magazine
Business Team of school yearbook
Plays an Indian percussion instrument, the Mridangam
Has danced in various school cultural shows
Sings in a rock band (lol)</p>

<p>Played for Varsity Tennis Team
Played for Varsity Basketball Team</p>

<p>• Job/Work Experience:</p>

<p>Paid internship at Consumer Banking division of Standard Chartered Bank
Job shadowing at an Asset Management Firm</p>

<p>• Volunteer/Community Service:</p>

<p>Successfully organized and conducted a week-long service trip to help out in an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Supervised and taught children in a day care centre weekly for a year
Facilitated horse-riding for mentally and physically disabled children weekly for a year</p>

<p>• Awards:</p>

<p>Awarded the National Youth Achievement Award at Bronze and Silver Levels
Awarded Gold Award in the United Kingdom Math Challenge two years in a row</p>

<p>• Summer Activities: </p>

<p>Columbia University Summer Program, 2011
Course: ‘Engineering Design Via Community Service Projects’</p>

<p>• Essays: Not completed yet</p>

<p>• Teacher Recommendation: Economics & Math, pretty good</p>

<p>Other </p>

<p>• Country: Singapore
• School Type: Large Private, 3000 students, full IB
• Ethnicity: Indian
• Nationality: Singaporean
• Gender: Male
• Income Bracket: >$200,000
• Hooks: URM because I’m Singaporean? Idk :/</p>

<p>Thanks guys! :)</p>

<p>Bumpity bump. Anyone?</p>