Chance me please IUB

GPA: 3.25UW
First 3 semesters(Freshman and 1st Sophomore): 2.83UW
Last 3 semesters(2nd Sophomore and Junior): Expected >3.68UW
I regretfully wasn’t thinking about my future until the end of my sophomore year.
Volunteer Work: Humane society, Salvation army
Work: 25+ hours a week that I’ve held for over a year
Test Scores: I have only taken the PSAT, Scored in the 81st percentile. With studying I hope to raise it
EC: Track and field, Unified track, multiple clubs.
I will also have a rec letter from my employer.
Any input on what I can do to raise my chances is greatly appreciated!

what grade are you in rn?

I am a Junior. The 3.25 is my projected GPA for when i apply EA this coming November. I’m working at my best to get above a 3.68 this semester to raise that number as much as i can.

It’s good if your GPA goes higher but I’m just gonna let you know that it’s not gonna change much, I was in the same boat as you junior year, I had a 3.4 at the end of my sophomore year and I wanted to raise my GPA so bad; so my junior year I put in all effort and finished with a 4.0 but that only raised my GPA to a 3.64 which was far off from what I wanted but it was good enough to get me into IUB. I think if your transcript shows a form of improvement throughout the years they can put that into consideration so just make sure you finish strong this year and try to get a good SAT score.

Yes i’m going to try my best to raise it as much as i can, I come from an Instate high school that IU knows is competitive… hopefully that helps

You should be fine! I got in with a 3.16 UW gpa, 1220 SAT and 27 ACT. I did have a very good essay however and glowing letters of recommendation. I also stated in my essay that I planned to commit to IU if I was accepted (still very true), and I explained how I grew from my terrible freshman year and put tons of hard work into the rest of high school.

I was also in - state which is a big plus. are you in state or out of state?

That makes me feel a lot better, thank you. I’m also in-state

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