Chance me Please - low gpa :(

SAT 1430 (Super 730 Reading, 700 Math)
CIvil Engineering Major
GPA: 3.46W(3.44UW)
AP: 10 (4 Senior Year)
AP Tests:
-CSP 4
-BIO 4
-CSA 3
-Robotics 4 yrs
-Internship at Food Bank type situation Junior/Senior Year
-Employment as Tutor
SAT II World History: 760

ALSO: please give advice

Are you in-state? If so I think that it is worth an application.

Definitely also apply to safeties.

How is your weighted GPA not higher if you have 10 AP’s? Your UW and weighted are almost identical.

I honestly have no idea either, but on my school website it literally says it I’m confused but I’ll take it I guess.

Also worth while to mention that my school is VERY competitive, like the best school in my entire state ranked

I’m out of state too btw

“I’m out of state too btw”

What is your home state? What is your budget?

You should be able to compute your unweighted GPA yourself. Count up how many A’s you have and how many B’s you have and how many C’s you have. Count “4” for each A, “3” for each B, and “2” for each C. Calculate the average.

Yeah ik I can do that but on my transcript it says unweighted:3,44 then weight 3.46 so wouldn’t colleges use the one from the transcript?

Just checked my transcript again: it says W:3.5 UW: 3.46
Also my state is Georgia

“wouldn’t colleges use the one from the transcript”

Different high schools compute GPA in very different ways. Universities will look at your actual grades. They will see your entire high school transcript.

Honestly, I think you should ask your school counselor why the numbers look like this on your transcript. It doesn’t make sense that a student with a 3.44 UW and six completed AP classes should have an weighted GPA only .02 points higher.

It sounds as if you feel like the unweighted average is accurate though, correct? The question is just why the weighting doesn’t raise it more.

UW engineering is going to be pretty reachy since you’re out of state. Even if you get into the university, there’s a good chance you won’t get direct entry to the engineering school. Getting into an engineering major without starting out in the engineering school is nowhere near a sure thing.

UW out of state, probably without the maximum OOS merit grant, would be quite expensive, too. What’s your budget?

What is it that you like about UW in particular? Do you specifically want to be in the Pacific Northwest? Do you just want to be far from home, with different terrain and climate? Where else are you planning to apply?

You will self-report your grades and they will look at each grade and what kind of class it was.

This year, they will not look at your SAT score and they’ve never looked at AP test scores.
Since there is nothing you can do to increase your GPA and engineering is extremely competitive–this year you can only get admitted as a direct admit, they no longer offer admissions after a couple years at UW–, only advice is to make sure you have absolutely stellar essays. They carry a lot of weight at UW.

This is a reach school for you. As an out of state student, you’re competing with the best from around the USA (but mostly the best from the west coast) for the few slots given to out of state students for the College of Engineering.

When the decision comes, beware the “admit-deny” where they admit you to UW but deny you the slot in the College of Engineering. You do not want to pay out of state tuition on the hopes of getting one of the few slots given to the non-direct-admit students. If this happens to you, do not attend UW unless you plan to chose a major outside the college of engineering.