Chance me Please!- Marquette University

Here are my stats:

Indian Asian female
Canadian Citizen
Chicago, Illinois
will be 1st generation college student (in the United States)
24 ACT… 1200 SAT (new one) i am taking it again hoping for at least a 27 because that is what my SAT Converts to.
4.2 Weighted GPA
5 Years of math (3 honors)
3 Years of science (2 honors)
2 Years of language - french
4 1/2 years of English (3 honors)
5 1/2 years of social studies ( 5 honors)

DECA: 10th-12th grades (state qualifier) (hopefully nationals this year!)
varsity tennis : 10-12th grade
varsity track: 10th-12th grade
Social Science Honors Club 9th-12th grade
Class of 2018 and Student Body Council Active Member: 9th-12th grade.
freshmen orientation leader

Can I also get some tips for a good essay please? I was told that they are held as equal to test scores, and I would like to be at an advantage because my scores are so low,

i am also applying to:
UW- Madison (its a reach)
Michigan State University
Univ of Michigan (kind of a reach)
Univ of Missouri
Univ of Illinois- Urbana/Champaign (top choice)

Good luck to anyone else applying, we will get through this.

Take another ACT and you’ll be fine. The rest of your numbers are spectacular.