Chance me please!!!! Planning on applying ED!!!!!

<p>I want to apply ED to Emory for Fall 2011.
And... This is who I am:</p>

<p>(I'm a Korean living in Panama)
SAT: 2140 (CR: 680, MATH: 790, WR:670)
SAT II: US/SPANISH/MATH2 - 740/750/800
GPA: 4.0
Ranking: salutatorian (out of 55 students)</p>

<p>I'll probably end up with 6 APs by the time I graduate.
I would've taken more but I go to a very VERY small international school so not a lot of AP classes are given.
Oh, I also took a college freshman writing class during Junior year and got credit :)</p>

<p>ECs: Student Council, NHS (treasurer), Model United Nations (Head of Administration twice), Drama Club (since freshman year)
Awards: Math Olympiad 1st place (once), 2nd place (twice), Presidential Award (sophomore and junior year), Junior class MVD (similar to MVP)
Community Service: chuch clean up service (participated since middle school), help out in local pet shelter every week, babysitting, tutoring.
Also participated in a school program where we visited a native indian tribe and donated school supplies and shoes.
Worked in the Korean Embassy over the summer.</p>

<p>Other stuff?
Piano (started since I was 5 years old)
Flute (started when I was 13)
Spanish fluently (since l've been living in panama for more than 10 years)
Art (a lot of paintings)</p>

<p>Do you require financial aad? If you don't, you are fine. If you do, it may adversely affect your admission, because for international students, Emory takes into consideration weather or not the student has applied for FA.</p>

<p>Yea, whether or not you need financial aid will play a large effect in your admissions. If you don't, I say you have a pretty good shot in ED. If you do well on your essays and letters of recommendations, I predict you will get in. BUT (this is a big but), if you need a lot of aid, that can be a problem... especially since US economy isn't doing well... they are hesitant about admitting non paying internationals and are more inclined to admit full paying internationals. Sorry if this is not the news you wanted to hear but it is, unfortunately, true.</p>

<p>Emory doesn't even give ANY institutional need-based aid to internationals, and requires you to show that you have enough money to pay at least one year's COA (aka you have to send them a bank statement showing the amt of money in the account is greater than the COA). If that's not a problem, I'd say you're quite competitive based on your academic stats and ECs as long as you show enough interest , which by applying ED already does at lot. For what seems to be financial reasons, Emory loves to admit internationals (17% for the fall 2010 entering freshmen) so that can work in your favor.</p>

<p>Since I'm international, I won't be able to apply for any financial aid..
Thankfully we do have enough money for the tuition and other payments but I'm still trying to look for scholarships..
Thank you all for chancing me :)</p>