Chance Me Please :) RD - Class of 2016?

<p>Tepper/College of Science</p>

•My GPA is a: 91%
•My SAT: 2250
•SAT2s: MathII 800, Physics 770
•Rank N/A
•School is Nationally Ranked in the top 10 in the nation every year</p>

<p>Course Load:
•Not many APs are offered at my school, I've taken 4/6. Taken one of the hardest possible course loads.</p>

<p>Junior Course load:
•AP Calc BC, Chem, English III, Spanish IV, Digital Electronics, Speech, Health, PE
•Got a B+ to A in all of these courses except Chemistry which I know is not good at all. I got a 79 in chem :&lt;/p>

<p>Senior Course Load:
•Multivariable Calculus, AP Physics: Mech. and E&M, English IV, Current Global Issues, AP Stat, Engineering Design and Development, Mentorship, Financial Literacy, Fitness
•Should have an A in all these courses when they are sent (~94/95 GPA 1st semester)</p>

<p>My EC/Community Service:
•Class of 2012 Executive Student Council
•Red Cross Executive Council, Youth Council, Co-Chair of Measles Initiative
•Co-founder and VP of Free Tutoring Organization
•Academic Team
•MIT InvenTeam
•Technology Student Association
•Math League
•Varsity Tennis Captain, 4 year varsity, 1st doubles
•Lead Role Film Festival
•JV/Varsity XC</p>

<p>Work Experience:
•Volunteer Internship University of Miami
•Volunteer Work at AT&T Labs
•StarTalk Camp counselor/teaching assistant/photographer
•Summer Camp Counselor
•Dale Carnegie Generation Next Coach</p>

•4th Place TSA (national), 1st Place TSA State
•National Qualifier Academic Team, 1st Place State
•3rd Place Drexel Entrepreneurship Program
•Dale Carnegie Generation Next Graduate
•2time Winner Recreation Competitive Tennis League</p>

•I think they're amazing. Everyone I've asked said they're REALLY good. Extremely well written. About the philosophy of learning.</p>

•English Teacher: Very close to me, knows me extremely well, should be very good
•AP Physics/Principles of Engineering Teacher: should be solid to good
•Counselor: Knows me well, rec should be good
•Supplemental Rec from Duke Graduate: Family Friend, Knows me VERY well, Should be a very good rec</p>

•State (if domestic applicant): NJ
•School Type: Nationally Ranked High School
•Ethnicity: Indian (Asian-American)
•Gender: Male
•Hooks (URM, first generation college, research, etc.): none</p>

•Strengths: Community Service/Volunteer, ECs, Leadership, Recs, Co-founder, Nationally Ranked HS, SAT2s, SATs? Maybe?, Interview should be really good too
•Weaknesses: GPA</p>

<p>Probably in. Tepper is pretty selective though.</p>

<p>my number 2 school at CMU is the school of sciences and then H&SS. CMU Will offer acceptance to those schools if I don't get into Tepper <em>knock on wood</em></p>

<p>good luck! I think you have a chance with your good grades and ECs</p>

<p>solid. thanks :)</p>

<p>make sure your essay is good, very good
let me know if you need help</p>

<p>i think my essays are really good but if i have any questions about the supplement ill let you know. thanks :)</p>

<p>bump <em>10char</em></p>