chance me, please? rutgers, hofstra, and randolph-macon college.

<p>can you guys give me my probability at each school, please? (whether high reach, reach, target, safe target or safety.) i'm really nervous about rutgers- nb in particular, because last year i applied late-april and i didn't get in. i also applied as a chem major, as opposed to an undecided major which i did this year. i don't know if that makes any difference, or if my being out of school for a year does.</p>


<p>1250/1940. 640 cr, 610 math, 690 writing.</p>

<p>SAT II (i'm not so sure rutgers looks at these.)</p>

<p>Spanish with Listening: 790
French: 510
Chem: 450</p>

<p>GPA: 3.28/4.0 UW (however, my grades were all over the place, as i'll explain)
My school doesn't rank, but i was in a class of 378.</p>


<p>Ambassador's Club (10, 11, 12) Helped at open houses and led tours at my school
Spanish Club (9, 11, 12)
French Club (10, 11, 12)
Student Gov't. Representative (12)
Swimming (10)</p>

<p>Schedule/Grades (the maximum number of classes you should take at my school is seven. most seniors took six, but i took eight junior and senior year and sacrificed my lunch period.)</p>

<p>Freshman (transferred out of a school after my frosh year to my last hs)</p>

<p>English 1 70
World Hist. 79
PE/Health 79
French 1 98
Biology 89
Algebra 1 79
Photo 79</p>

<p>AVERAGE: 82.08</p>

<p>Sophomore (went to a Catholic school, I don't think Religion counts?)</p>

<p>Scripture 77
English 2 70
Geometry 84
Chemistry 71
US Hist I 83
French 2 93
PE/Dr. Ed. 10 79</p>

<p>AVERAGE: 79</p>

<p>Junior (a star designates summer school, which I aced, but because of how my school works they could only pass me with a 70)</p>

<p>Church Alive 89
English 3 84
Alg 2/Trig H 79
Physics * 70
US Hist II 81
Psych 88
French III 91
HTML/Java 88</p>

<p>AVERAGE: 83</p>


<p>Christ. Life 80
Wrld Relig 70
Eng. 4 H 77
Trig & Selected Topics 91
Anat Phys H 57
Astronomy 83
Italian I 91
French 4 H 92
Dance 1 90 </p>

<p>AVERAGE: 82</p>

<p>In my school, you're required to take:</p>

<p>4 years of Religion (I only took 3 because I transferred from a public hs)
4 years of English
1 year of World History
2 years of US History
3 years of Mathematics (4 are recommended)
3 years of Science (must include 2 years of a lab science)
2 years of the same Foreign Language (3 are recommended)
1/2 year of Fine or Performing Arts
1/2 year of Computer Science
2 years of Phys. Ed./Health</p>

<p>Will they forgive Anatomy because I took 5 years of Science (including Astronomy)? </p>

<p>Guys, please help! I'm so paranoid and I just need someone to answer. Please? I wrote a pretty good essay, as well.</p>