chance me?? please, sophomore

<p>hiya, i'm courtney 15 and i'd really love to get accepted into these colleges:
johns hopkins
american university
georgetown (safety choice)</p>

<p>so here it is for now:</p>

<p>freshman year:
hon. geometry
hon. english 9
hon. french 4
hon. biology
AP US History (4 on exam)

<p>sophmore year: (current)
hon. algebra 2
hon. health
hon. chemistry
DTS (programming basically)
AP NSL (politics)- really easy expect a 5 on it.
IB French 5
hon. english</p>

<p>classes im going to take:</p>

<p>junior year-
ap biology (double period)
ap english literature
IB french 6
ap world history
ib pre- calculus
piano 1
ap psychology</p>

<p>senior year:
piano 2
ib french 7
ap english composition
ap calculus
ap chemistry (double period)
ap european history</p>

<p>ok tests taken:
AP US History- 4
SAT ll us history- 710
SAT ll biology- 620 (yeah i know, horrible. i realized after i signed up that i should have waited until after ap biology. i'm gonna retake it)</p>

<p>test going to take:
all the tests for the AP classes
SAT ll : biology, chemistry, nsl?, math, french
IB French exam- in my senior year</p>

<p>extra curricular's:
french honor society
girls soccer (2 years and going)
girls lacrosse (2 years and going)
ambassador for school
ceramics club
work at kumon (not fun)
i need more, any ideas?</p>

minority- african american</p>

<p>my mom has to support both me and my sister, which makes things tight. haven't talked to my dad in years. i sort of don't want to put that in because i feel like it makes me seem whiny and ungrateful. i'm satisfied with what i have, and my moms always been able to provide for us so i don't see a reason to put it in.</p>

<p>really good at art (have won some minor competitions, and my artwork has been put up in the mall and on a ceramics poster. it would help if you could offer some ideas to really make this a good hook.</p>

<p>summer programs: im into medicine so...
lead america medical conference
shadowing a doctor this summer
gonna try and get a job at a medical research institute but its a stretch </p>

<p>ok that's it what do you think? also i'd really love to do lacrosse during college, do you think it's possible? i like the sport but i'm not AMAZING at it, by senior year i'll be better hopefully. </p>

<p>final thing, i don't go to an amazing school. about two people got into ivy leagues last year, the only good thing is that they offer all IB and AP courses.</p>

<p>final final thing, what's the best way to study for the SAT? what did you all use to study and could you tell me the scores you got? also if any of you are in a ivy league college, or in one of the colleges in my list do you mind if i message you? just to see what you did to get in, extracurriculars and stuff... thanks!</p>

<p>depends on sat and essays..</p>

<p>Why is American not a safety while Georgetown is..? That seems statistically impossible. Given that you're a sophomore we can't really tell you anything. Come back in a year</p>

<p>^Yeah, Georgetown is much more selective than American.</p>

<p>But like DAMN, you're planning your senior year courses and your college list already?? C'mon now, you're 15. You don't know shi.t about what you want to do, where you want to go to college, or anything.. Ik I'm a hypocrite I was the same way =s</p>

<p>So, you say you don't go to an "amazing" school, but your school offers AP European history, has a lacrosse team, and sends grads to the Ivy League, I wouldn't exactly play up that angle. And you managed to list every single class you have taken or plan to take, without listing any grades.. So, that miiight just be helpful. The bulk of your resume is occupied by your GPA and your SAT score. You won't write your essay until your Senior year, so that's not really so important yet. By that time, I'm sure you'll think of a nice creative way to frame the single parent issue or you'll find a more interesting topic. Either way, you just need to worry about your grades, your prospective jobs/internships, and your SAT. There's a whole section on this site about the SAT, far far away from the Brown thread, with some good info. Just search comments by "godfatherbob". That dude knows his shi.t =p</p>

<p>I go to Brown, so I could potentially tell you how I got in by forging my transcript and seducing the dean.. ahhh shi.t I said too much.</p>

<p>i busted out laughing when i read this, like seriously. but like you said you did what i did and know your in brown. and it was 2 kids, TWO. and they were freaking crazy, seriously i dont think they had a life. Oh and for future reference my gpa right now is a 3.92 but thats not including this semester (i got straight A's). finally im sorry if i stepped on any toes about georgetown, i meant no harm, forgive please everyone who goes there.</p>

<p>Trust me when I say that by the time you are a senior (assuming you commit time and effort to properly researching colleges), your entire perspective toward the college search will be different, and more importantly, YOU will be radically different. I thought I knew when I was a sophomore what I wanted out of high school and ultimately out of college, but I didn't have a clue. For now, enjoy high school and make the most of every opportunity you can. Your extracurriculars seem unfocused and immaterial - what about them is significant to YOU and will help paint a picture of who you are to the admissions officers? Pursue things that will shape your personal ambitions and strengths - it will make applying to colleges much easier and more meaningful. Oh, and you should take the SAT and improve your subject test scores if you are intent on getting into schools of Ivy League caliber. You might deem the two students from your school who were accepted to the Ivy League as "crazy" and "having no life," but that might be what it takes...consider that.</p>