Chance me please!!!!! :) thank you!

<p>Rising senior from NY.
I go to a very competitive school in upstate NY and my school does not have rankings.</p>

<p>My GPA is 3.5 ( I know it's low)
Honors and AP courses: geometry honors, Pre- calc honor, world history honor, AP chemistry, AP physic B, AP biology, AP literature, AP Calculus BC, and AP world history (self studied). </p>

<p>My ACT: 26 ( I took it for the first time in June 2011 with little studying but now over the summer I have been taking a ACT prep course and is improving. I'm going to take the ACT again aiming for a 30)</p>

<p>My ECs:
I volunteer at a nursing home from my freshmen year to my sophomore year (300+ hours).
I also volunteer at a local hospital over 2 summer (50+ hours).
I am a special sitter ( taking care of mentally ill people) count as volunteering.
I also work as a host at a restaurant over 1 summer.
So overall I focused my ECs on volunteering :)</p>

<p>Thank you for reading this and please chance me!!! :)</p>

<p>My GPA is unweighted btw.</p>

<p>Which school at Syracuse?</p>

<p>Syracuse University.</p>

<p>yeah rodney meant which college at syracuse</p>

<p>there are a few colleges within Syracuse: architecture, education, ischool, sport & human dynamics, newhouse, arts and sciences, VPA, and whitman. Newhouse and architecture are probably the hardest to get into (followed by whitman and VPA).</p>

<p>i'd give you a good shot at most schools within the university, but it's a little bit of a reach for whitman and a massive reach for either newhouse or architecture.</p>

<p>what major are you applying for? i can identify which school you're applying to from that...</p>

<p>Oh my mistake. I actually don't know which college inside Syracuse I'm applying. I guess just the regular liberal arts college. I'm also going for pre- med.</p>