Chance Me Please! Thanks!

<p>Hello, I am considering UCONN as one of my college choices.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.79-3.80
Weighted: 4.52 </p>

<p>SAT Composite: 2000
CR 620 (bleh)
Math 660 (bleh)
Writing 720</p>

28 (did not send) </p>

- National Honor Society (11th grade)
- Kansas Honor Student (12th grade) </p>


<p>Three Year JV/V medalist within the 100m and 300m outdoor hurdles with participation in city meet. </p>

<p>Personally started a project to allow people of my community to understand the importance of insects and arachnids. Changed the negative connotations of many of the local insect and arachnid species by showing people their importance to our biological environment. 30+ hours of creativity and service. </p>

<p>Personal research in arthropods and biological interdependence in entomology. Discovered enough research information for to completely add a new page for a species which was not well known. 70 hours + of combined research. </p>

<p>Volunteered at a local nature camp for kids. Became a group leader that supported everyone's actions and led/protected the group from accidents. Likewise, I became the leading arthropod specialist. Taught kids the importance of biological conservation on the smaller level. 30+ hours</p>

<p>Participated in science olympiad, a competition to better understand the science field within many different areas. 20+ hours </p>

<p>Participated in a National Youth Leadership Forum Medicine camp in Boston to greater comprehend the bio-medical field. One week of time. </p>

<p>In association with National Honor Society, I am in working to tutor different students to become more successful in science and math. 10+ hours</p>

<p>I am helping a few schools in Bangladesh rewrite some of their science curriculum to be more accurate, precise and logical. I have been given privilege of rewriting the most advanced science section of the textbooks.*20+ hours </p>

<p>Major: Biology/Cellular Biology
Asian (Chinese)
From Kansas
Good Recommendations</p>

<p>You will get in. </p>

<p>You’ll be fine</p>