Chance me please, trying to narrow down my list... Will Chance Back :)

<p>I am wondering if I have a chance at any of these schools. I was looking into Computer Science with Electrical Engineering, or just plain Computer Science. Also lease help me with school suggestions, I'm open to anything, Thanks! Also I am from Illinois.</p>

UW Madison
UC - Irvine
Penn State
University of Washington
UMass Amherst
UMinnesota Twin Cities
UNC- Chapel Hill</p>

<p>UW GPA 3.227
W GPA 3.66
Rank 79/549
ACT: 29</p>

Soph Year: Macro Econ 4, Micro Econ 4
Junior Year:
US History 3, Computer Science(retaking) 3, Psychology(Self Study)(retaking) 3
Senior Year:
BC Calc, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Environmental Science(Self Study)</p>

Tennis 3 years (1 year Varsity) (2 Year Junior Varsity)
Basketball (Recreation Leagues, and Tournaments) </p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
Science Olympiad 3 years (Secretary, Captain)
FBLA 3 years (Secretary, Parliamentarian, Historian)
Community Service Club (Active Member) 3 years
Tech/Computer Club (Active Member) 3 years
MSA 3 years (Secretary)
NHS 2 years
Guitar 2 years
Clarinet 3 years
About 203 hours of Community Service at School
Over 30 hours of community service at local Mosque</p>

5th Place State Award in Economics (Nationals Qualifier) (FBLA - 2010)
5th Place State Award in Technology Concepts (FBLA - 2011)
5th Place State Medal in Wind Power (Science Olympiad - 2011)
5th Place Regional Medal in Mousetrap Vehicle (Science Olympiad - 2010)
3rd Place Regional Medal in Optics (Science Olympiad - 2011)
3rd Place Regional Medal in Computer Problem Solving (FBLA - 2011)
6th Place Regional Medal in Technical Problem Solving (Science Olympiad - 2011)
6th Place Regional Medal in Wind Power (Science Olympiad - 2011)
Multiple Invitational Medals (Science Olympiad 2009 - 2011)</p>