Chance me please? U.Va. & William and Mary Scatterplots have me worried about my GPA

Hi all,

College applications were due yesterday, and since the last few weeks have just been filling out application after application I’m kindof out of a loss with what to do with my free time (who needs friends, right?) so I figured what better thing to do than to post my stats and contemplate my chances!?

Actually, there’s probably a lot of better things I could be doing but


I’m an in state, white/asian male that goes to a public school in a notoriously rigorous county.

My GPA is 3.89 (weighted), with a 2010 SAT (single and combined). I know that being in the top 10% is important to these schools, but I’m fairly certain that I am not. I had a period where my gpa dropped, but the circumstances are indirectly explained in one of my essays.

My Senior year classes are:
AP Comparative Government
AP Physics C (Mechanics)
AP Calculus BC
AP Literature
Chamber Orchestra (the highest offered in our school)
Spanish 4

My grades this year should be better than last, although still in the A/B range, not straight A’s

My activities include

-VA Boys State Delegate
-Head Manager at a local pool, employed for 3 years (Also Asst. Manager and Head Lifeguard previously)
-Travel Ice Hockey, Captain and Asst. Captain 9th and 10th grade
-High School Varsity Ice Hockey
-Vice-President of Model UN club
-Officer in National Honor Society
-Tri-M Music Honor Society
-Boy Scouts (Current Life Scout, will receive Eagle Scout in Feb. and notify the schools)
-Technology Student Association

The awards I listed are:

-AP Scholar with Honor
-2nd Place at state technology competition
-2nd place Moot Court competition at VA Boys State
-School based academic award
-All academic award (awarded to players in the high school hockey league that maintain their grades during the season)

My main concern for these schools is my lower gpa, which I’m hoping that I can counter with essays (my essays were pretty strong and clever). I’d consider these my reach schools, but hopefully I can luck out!

Hopefully I’m not the only one spending my Saturday night on college confidential haha

anyways, thanks!

P.S. I intend to be a business major.

If your school is really more rigorous than others the admin people will know and judge your grades accordingly. Your test scores and EC’s are great. I hope you at least one safety in. Not because you need it but strange things happen. I think VCU has a late application date and there might be some other late in states.

Yeah, it’s okay I put in for Vtech and Jmu too. And our school isn’t necessarily significantly more rigorous than other schools in our area, it’s just that our school system in general is known for being rigorous. Thanks!

Hm, Loudoun or Fairfax?

Fairfax haha