chance me please Upenn M&T

<p>9th grade: AP World Hist (5)
all other classes were honors, straight A's
10th: AP Eurpean history (5)<br>
AP Environmental Science (5) All A's </p>

<p>I was offered a full scholarship to Leysin American School, an IB boarding school in Switzerland for 11th and 12th grade. </p>

<p>11th Grade: IB HL courses: Chemistry, Physics, Math, English, Psychology
Ab initio French 1, Music Theory (non IB but used AP curriculum), finished with all A's except my B+ in HL math
12th grade: 2nd half of the aforementioned IB courses, I studied French in an intensive course in a swiss university over the summer and jumped to IB SL 2 French (equivalent to 4 years of accelerated French after just learning for 1 year) </p>

<p>SAT: this is a bit weaker than I would like but I got
Reading: 730
Math: 680
Writing: 610
Took the math 2 and physics subject tests this morning (my school's testing policy did not let me do it before today) </p>


<p>Swimming on a club team and varsity school team ~18 hours a week for 9th and 10th grade
Swimming on school team </p>

<p>Habitat for humanity public relations rep in 11th grade (ran advertising for fundraising, public announcements, organized relations with locals in town), Vice president of club and leading branch board member(makes decisions regarding allocation of club resources/manpower to maximize fundraising potential), volunteer laborer on habitat construction site in Comanesti, Romania</p>


<p>Student ambassador leadership program: school wide leader program, serves as RA in dorms, meets with school administrators to discuss concerns of the student body that the student council cannot address</p>

<p>Work Experience: </p>

<p>Assistant swim coach for summer camp for 9th and 10th grade summers
Red cross certified lifeguard for private homeowner's association community pool
Swim instructor for aqua firm and fit (taught small children)
Camp swim director/lifeguard/safety coordinator for Camp Jernee
Data collection assistant(volunteer) for university of miami's neurology dept. </p>

<p>Formed small food business based around home made beef jerky that i sell in my dorm. profits cover all of my living expenses not covered under the scholarship for the boarding school, travel, skiing, going home for christmas and summer vacation, a trip to malaysia for spring break, and a summer course at the university of neuchatel in switzerland (in other words, very profitable) </p>

<p>I think that covers everything. Any insight is welcome. Thanks</p>

<p>Standardized Testing: SAT 730 reading, 680 math (not as good as I could have done), and 610 writing. I took the Physics and Math 2 subject tests last week and I'm taking the ACT in december as a last attempt with standardized tests.</p>

<p>Hi, Alex. I created a new account here just to say that :) Improve your SAT Math. Good luck.</p>

you know me ;)</p>