Chance Me Please..Will Chance back! (UVA)

<p>Hello, I am a White Male entering my Senior Year of high school very unsure of where I want to go or even if I'll be able to get into colleges I plan to apply to. I'm being pretty flexible with what I would like to major in, undecided currently. However I would love to do something with sports communications/journalism. I really haven't fallen in love with any particular subject/major area of study. </p>

<p>Senior Year: AP Calculus BC, AP French, AP Gov, AP Chemistry
Junior Year: AP Calculus AB, AP Us History, AP Psychology
Soph Year: AP World History</p>

GPA: 4.2 (weighted) Class Rank: 28th/ Top 10%
SAT: 1620/2400(Hopefully won't send it)...Never really studied for it. Taking Math and U.S. History Subject tests in October
ACT: Taking in september (actually decided to study hard for it) expecting a score in high 20's low 30's. </p>

<p>I've played baseball and basketball throughout high school. Average amount of clubs/ec's. (Honors Society, ect.) Around 100 Community service hours. </p>

<p>Applying to:</p>

<p>UVA(Early Action)- Mid Reach (In State)
VA Tech- Match
JMU- Safety
Penn State- Match
UMD- Low Reach?
Louisville- Safety</p>

<p>Also, I would love to know if there are any other colleges that you believe i should apply to...Thank You!</p>

<p>Impossible to chance you without knowing your SAT or ACT. High 20s-low 30s is a big range. Just make sure you do your best and ask us again when you get your scores. As for other schools, being instate you might see if you like William and Mary.</p>

<p>Well im basing this off of taking practice ACT' i'd prob say 28/29 most likely...I know im kinda making some unfair assumptions but either way test scores are just one of many factors</p>

<p>With you're SAT scores it will be really hard to get into any decent university.</p>

<p>I know thats why i'm figuring my ACT score will be a bit better and worth sending</p>

<p>Shoot for 30 ACT/2000 SAT and sure.</p>

<p>A 31-32 will probably get you in (if you get that-good luck!)
Also you can do JMU early action I think</p>

<p>UVA - low match
VA Tech- In
Penn State- In
UMD- Mid Reach
Louisville- IN</p>

<p>Baseball/Basketball are a good help but get the 30+ ACT score and you're in for all</p>

<p>Thats awesome to hear, thank you!</p>