Chance me please! Will chance back

I am a current senior at a top Texas high school. Please chance me for:

University of Pennsylvania

(ftr I am also applying to Texas A&M and UT Austin. Don’t really care about my chances there though)

Sat: 2260 (800 CR, 730 math, 730 writing)
Act composite: 34
Class rank: 54/647
Gpa: 3.93 (UW 4.0 scale) 5.3969 (weighted 5.0 scale)

Started high school math, spanish, and engineering in 7th grade. In the gifted program for math and english.
-13 AP classes including calc bc, stats (taken sophomore year), spanish language, physics 1 & c, chem. I also self studied psych so I actually have 14 ap tests and 13 classes.

  • all four years of the PLTW biomedical sciences program
    -5 on all AP tests that I have taken so far except for a 4 on world history and a 4 on physics 1. I expect 5s on all the ap tests I will take this year except maybe a 4 on chem.

Academic awards: ap scholar, national ap scholar, ap scholar with distinction, premio de oro (level 2) and premio de plata (level 4) for the national spanish exam

Extra curriculars & volunteering:

-freshman year: only underclassman on varsity. I also was on the starting line up for every game. Won most improved, academic all district awards

  • sophomore year: organized a recruiting event because we were going to graduate half of our team. Won academic all district (this award is not just for one person, it’s for every player that qualifies)
    Junior: team captain. Won most inspirational, academic all district, all academic all american ( a national award given by the governing body of lacrosse)
    Senior: team captain, probably will get some awards but we haven’t started our season yet.
    I also played on a select travel team my sophomore and junior years and my junior year i was selected to a state wide team that represented texas at the women’s national tournament.

NASA high school aerospace scholar

Worked at a neuroscience lab at UT Austin the summer before senior year. I mostly genotyped lab animals and ligated plasmids. Got to see some brain surgery on mice!

Girl scout since kindergarten, earned bronze award

Miracle league volunteer (it’s a baseball league for disabled children)

Mobile Loaves & Fishes volunteer

Elementary school science fair judge

National Honor Society member

Essay topics:
Common app essay (write about a time you failed prompt): how I used to hate math and be horrible at it but now I love it and after a lot of work i got very good at it

Rice supplement (what unique perspective do you bring to rice?): I haven’t written it yet and I’m not totally set on a topic, but I think I will be writing about the group of 5 novels that I have been working on for more than 5 years. (they’re not a series, they’re just sort of connected) My writing is something that I am very passionate about and it has really influenced who I am as a person.

Thank you and if you want a chance back just give me the link!

You have your reaches in order, as well as your non-reaches. If worse came to worst you’ll still have TAMU…

Are you being recruited for lacrosse?

Rice-probably u will get in
University of Pennsylvania- tougher but higher chance if you do ED
MIT- high reach
Stanford-high reach
Yale-high reach
Harvard-high reach
Cornell- reach

I’m sure you already know this, but your rank and SAT Score will probably hold you back. Same thing with your lack of strong academic awards. Still worth applying. Please chance back:

Your SAT scores are right in the middle for the universities you want to apply to and your GPA is a bit on the low side, but universities like HYPSM heavily, HEAVILY, weigh EC’s, essays, and teacher/counselor recs. If those are solid, just hope for the best. Top universities are crapshoots, too.

Chance me too!

@ClarinetDad16 no I am not. I am considering playing club in college if the school I end up with has one but as of right now I will be done with lacrosse after high school

@amizzle - I would say lacrosse is the game changer for you to get into a highly competitive school.