Chance me please, will chance back! :)

<p>So I'm a junior this year and wondering what you think my chances are for getting into Sarah Lawrence.</p>

<p>I've been attending the same private school for my whole life. By the time I graduate I will have taken 5 AP courses (AP Euro, AP US, AP Composition, AP Lit, AP French). I will have taken four years of two languages (French and Spanish) by the time I graduate.
I have a GPA of 3.30 (unweighted).
SAT: 1880
ACT: 29
EC's: I have been in French Club for 3 years, I did a musical, plenty of service, service trip in Thailand, and will be editor-in-chief of our school's literary magazine next year (which i have been involved with since I was a freshman). I realize that Sarah Lawrence is not the most selective school, but I am a little worried about my GPA. I know i can get stellar recommendations from teachers, and will write a good essay, but do you think I'll get in? If not, I'll apply to George Washington, Boston University, Occidental, Barnard,and American. Chances for these?
Thanks so much, I WILL CHANCE BACK!</p>

<p>Your GPA is a bit low, and by increasing your SAT, you should have a better chance at the schools you want to apply to. If you can convey your enthusiasm for your extracurriculars and write a good essay, as well as explain how you could've improve even more, then you should be fine. Good luck! ^-^</p>

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<p>Sarah Lawrence - match, probably in
George Washington - match
Boston University - match/high match
Occidental - don't know enough to chance
Barnard - high reach, scores are very low for barnard
American - match</p>

<p>Good Luck!
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