Chance Me :) please

<p>GPA (weighted, unweighted) 98, 95
ACT (composite, reading, math) 33,35,32
SAT (reading, math, writing) 690, 660, 670
Top 5% of class
APs: World History, US History, Language and Composition (4's on all)</p>

<p>White male from Upstate NY</p>

Varsity Wrestling- 5 years, captain, member of NY Junior national team
Varsity cross country- 2 years
Rec Soccer- 1 year- captain
Member of HS Morning announcements tv show 4 years
Extensive Community service through coaching youth wrestling- estimate 50+ hours
Member of National Honor Society</p>

Work Study program at high school: media specialist, 2 years
Deli worker- summer job</p>

<p>Looking to go into communications, public relations</p>

<p>I would ditch your SAT, and go with your ACT. Overall sounds good</p>

<p>thank you :)</p>

<p>You appear to be a match-- using your ACT scores, as SeattleBulldog stated.</p>

<p>Just use your ACT~you are good</p>

<p>I would just say your ECs and not-so-competitive AP/honors schedule won't be as strong or stand out as much as other Annenberg applicants, so make sure you have EXCELLENT essays and very, very detailed letters of recommendation. I'd think, if anything, it's safe to think you'd be a spring admit to Annenberg if you sent only your ACT.</p>