Chance me please!

<p>I am applying to BC Business School, I go to a Jesuit High School.</p>

<p>Reg Gpa = 3.75 ; W Gpa = 4.2</p>

<p>ACT = 31</p>

<p>Accelerated, Honors, AP : Geometry, Algebra 2, Spanish 2, Biology, U.S. History, Pre-Calculus, Spanish 3, Physics, Economics, Spanish 4.</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular Activities:</p>

<p>Football (3 years), Frosh and JV Captain</p>

<p>Rugby (3 years), Frosh and JV Captain</p>

<p>Future Business Leaders of America (3 years)</p>

<p>Student For Others (4 years), Frosh, Soph, and Junior Rep., and Vice President</p>

<p>Big Brother (1 year), Basically your assigned a Freshman buddy for those of you who don't know.</p>

<p>National Honor Society (2 years)</p>

<p>Student Team Admissions Recruitment (3 years)</p>

<p>Student Alumni Organization (2 years)</p>

<p>Work Experience: </p>

<p>Work Study (4 years) pay tuition at private high school, 200+ hours</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:</p>

<p>Tutor (Spanish)- 3 years</p>

<p>Pioneer House Retirement Homes - 2 years, 300 + hours</p>

<p>Nicaragua Immersion Trip (Junior Year)- Founder and Leader</p>

<p>Hooks, if any: Latino and coming from a Jesuit high school</p>


<p>I'd think you have a very good shot. You have good stats and EC's. Plus you're a minority which BC will love, and you're from a private, even Jesuit, high school.</p>

<p>You are a strong match for BC.</p>