Chance me please!

<p>Hi so I'm a rising senior in northern California and I'd appreciate it if you'd chance me as either a premed or bme major at these schools:</p>

Johns Hopkins



-My GPA is a little bit of a wild story. My freshman year I was unmotivated and I got a 2.6667 both semesters, but since Sophomore year I've maintained straight A's and pulled my unweighted GPA to a 3.47 and my weighted gpa to a 3.67.
-SAT I: 2300 (800 CR, 750 W, 750 M)
-ACT: 34 (36 M, 33 in everything else)
-SAT II Chemistry: 800
-SAT II Math2c: 800
-SAT II Physics: 780
-SAT II Literature: 750
-AP Tests: Chemistry(5), Env. Sci(5), Statistics(5), Microecon(4), Macroecon(5), Pyschology(5)</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule: AP Physics B, AP Calculus BC, AP English Lit, math course@local cc, Art 1, American gov/econ</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
-I've been a member of ACS for 3 years now, and i've participated in Relay for Life 3 times, done various cancer-research-fund-raising related things and have racked up about 100 hours.
-I worked at a day camp for little kids between my freshmen and sophomore year (50-60 hours)
-Shadowing a doctor my senior year.</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular (lack of):
-Member of American Cancer Society for 3 years.
-Research intern at a cancer research lab at UC Berkeley this summer, about 300 hours of work, but no paper published or coauthorship or anything of that sort.
-Qualified for the AIME, 112.5 on AMC12, (Only scored a 2 on the aime
-JV Football for one year.
-National Merit Semifinalist, (227 on PSAT).</p>

<p>income bracket: high</p>

<p>If you could please chance me and tell me what i can do to improve I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time!</p>

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