Chance me please!

<p>Hi everyone. I'm new to CollegeConfidential and this is my first post, but here goes. Currently, I'm going to be applying to UPenn (ED), Brown, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Princeton, UChicago, USC, UVA, UC Berkeley, and WashU.</p>

<p>Your chances are greatly appreciated :)!</p>


<li>SAT I: 2240 (CR-700 M-790 W-750)</li>
<li>SAT II: Math 2 – 800, Bio-M – 770, Chem - 760</li>
<li>GPA: 4.0 UW</li>
<li>Rank: Top 5% of my class (However, school does not send out rank).</li>
<li>AP: 5s in Calc AB, Chinese, Chemistry, Calc BC, Biology, and English Lang.</li>
<li>Senior Year Course Load: AP Physics C, AP Stat, AP Latin, AP Lit, AP Psych, Calc 3, Diff. Eq., Organic Chem.</li>

<p>National Recognition (Potentially what's going to kill me):
*AP Scholar w/ Distinction</p>

1. Teaching Assistant at a Math tutoring company (similar to Kumon) [9,10,11,12]
2. Intern at a Molecular Drug Discovery Center, did a lot of lab work on cell biology, protein purification, amplification, and crystallization. Being acknowledged in a research paper that's being released in a biological news journal. [11]
3. Intern at my local medical walk-in clinic, shadowing a general practitioner in the field 5 hours per week. [12]
4. Shadowed an anesthesiologist in a local hospital.
4. Attended the National Student Leadership Conference in Medicine summer of 2010.
5. Yearbook [10,11,12]
6. Habitat for Humanity [11,12]
7. Helping the Underprivileged Globally Club [9,10,11,12]
8. Accumulated over 200 hours of community service.
9. Potentially leadership position in our school's Red Cross Club next year.
10. Participated in Odyssey of the Mind since 7th grade.
5th Place World Finals - 7th (though this probably doesn't count for anything)
11th Place World Finals out of 70 teams- 10th
11th Place World Finals out of 70 teams- 11th</p>


<li>Essays: In Progress</li>
<li>Teacher Recommendations: 1 from my Biology teacher, 1 from my Latin teacher.</li>
<li>Counselor Rec: Haven’t seen it, but it’s a large public school so it’s going to be generic
*Rec from one of the professors at UPenn and one from this summer’s internship</li>


<li>Applied for Financial Aid?: No</li>
<li>Intended Major: Undecided, leaning towards Biology and Biochemistry in conjunction with a Pre-Med path. Interested in pursuing medical school.</li>
<li>State: N/A</li>
<li>Country: US (domestic applicant)</li>
<li>School Type: Competitive Public</li>
<li>Ethnicity: Asian </li>
<li>Gender: Male</li>

<p>I think that my chances are really hurt by my SAT I scores and my lack of recognition. I'm also not very sure about my ECs. I know some of them are decent, but others seem really lackluster.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about the recommendation from my foreign language teacher. I know he can write me a good rec, but I don't know if colleges like foreign language recommendations? Need your advice! Thanks for your time.</p>

<p>After reading such kind of chance me threads I feel really really depressed :(
Your stats are amazing, if you ask me .</p>

<p>Haha, thanks FreedomEagle but I'm sure there are many CCers who are much more amazing than me. </p>

<p>Also, bump!</p>