Chance me please?

<p>I just recently applied early decision to Rutgers NB to the college of nursing, biological + environmental, and arts + sciences schools respectively.
3.3 cumulative weighted GPA
top 40%
1780 SAT score 620 CR 570 MATH 590 WRTNG
145 hospital volunteer hours
4 honors, 1 AP class throughout HS </p>

<p>What are your opinions?</p>

<p>You might be on the boarder of getting into SAS, but my feeling is for the sciences your stats would need to be better. Alot of people say the Rutgers admits based on the numbers and that EC's don't really come into play.</p>

<p>nursing's pretty competitive...
ur gpa weighted isn't good enough, and the sat scores are probably on the low end</p>

<p>i think u have a shot at SAS</p>