Chance me please

<p>29 act
3.01 uwgpa
3.33 wgpa
9 ap's
the rest of my courses were above honors
4 years of violin
3 years of football
3 years volunteering at hospital</p>

<p>Trying to get LAS Chemical Engineering, would accept DGS if I got in?</p>

<p>Reach due to ACT, GPA, and Class rank. Chemical Engineering is listed under LAS for historical reasons only. It's student stats are the same as though of students in the College of Engineering. Here is a link containing the stats of the Mid-50% of Engineering students:</p>

<p>U</a> of I Admissions: Freshman Admission Requirements</p>

<p>Apply to Chemical Engineering, write good, honest essays. You have a chance, if you apply. If you are not accepted, you are automatically considered for DGS.</p>

<p>Your GPA and class rank are definitely weak, but you do have good ECs and a rigorous coursework. Your ACT is average since the median score for ChemE is 30, but its still better than mine, only a 28. If you didn't apply for priority, have some of the teachers and adults on College Confidential read your essays, some of them are very helpful. I would say it is a reach only because of your grades, but if your went to a well-know high school, it wouldn't be as much of an impact. You will definitely get accepted into DGS if you don't get into ChemE though. Good luck and see you there!</p>

<p>Thanks Chemguy13...yeah I applied priority because I knew I probably wouldn't get Chemical Engineering (decided to give myself a fighting chance). I hope you're right about DGS...Thatd be great too.</p>

<p>Quick question: I entered my class titles word for word on the score report as it says to, but when i entered my gpa i believe i put my unweighted gpa. Should i have done this even though I have AP's. Sorry i forgot if the directions said to put Unweighted with Class titles, or put the GPA that helps you most...Thanks in advance</p>